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KBS 2019 Spring Series of Research Seminars 'Towards (Co)Creating Authentic Tourist Experiences'.

The KBS 2019 Spring Series of Research Seminars continues today at 1pm in KB1-15 with a presentation by Prof Lisa O’Malley & Dr Maria Lichrou. The title of their presentation is: Towards (Co)Creating Authentic Tourist Experiences.  All Welcome.
Serial reproduction of staged tourist experiences is a common problem in tourism marketing. In an effort to address these challenges we foreground the search by tourists for existential authenticity and we integrate the theory of existential authenticity with new understandings of value creation in marketing in order to generate insights into the facilitation of authentic tourist experiences.  Tourists’ relational and creative resources are increasingly recognised as resources to be mobilised in creating participatory, engaging experiences that distinguish destinations at the experiential level.
Co-creation has transformational potential for tourists and destinations. As a useful ground for tourism co-creation, creative tourism (as a participative form of tourism) is embedded within communities, and provides the resources through which producers and tourists can create (and re-create) their own value in use. This offers a more holistic perspective in which networks of service providers (tour operators, hoteliers, event mangers, destination marketers, theatres, etc.) can collaborate to provide, develop and co-create resources for tourists to use in their own value creating processes. Finally, this calls for a shift in the role of tourism destination marketing bodies from destination product managers to value creating activities facilitators.