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Le Yang


Prof Patrick Gunnigle & Dr Jonathan Lavelle

Working Title of Thesis:

Organizational identification after a cultural system reform: the role of self-enhancement and uncertainty reduction motives after a major organizational change


This study explores the role of self-enhancement motive and uncertainty reduction motive in affecting organisational members’ identification after a major organisational change. The data for this study was collected via a questionnaire based survey of performing artists in one large Chinese performing arts company. This organisation experienced cultural system reform during 2009 – 2019. The findings indicate that both self-enhancement motive and uncertainty reduction motive are positively related to organisational identification. However, uncertainty reduction motive also negatively moderates the relationship of self-enhancement motive with organisational identification. This study contributes to the field of organisational identification by showing how multiple and potentially competing identification motives work after a major organizational change. Furthermore, this study offers new insights on the post-transformation symptoms of cultural system reform during a time of uncertainty. For management practices, this study sheds light on how to direct managerial efforts at a time when attentional and other resources are scarce.