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KBS Viewing Days - Repeat Exams 2019

The KBS Viewing Day for Repeat Exam Scripts (business modules only) will take place on PLACE Tuesday 17 September 2019

Venue:  Rooms KB1-15

Time:    10h00-12h00– This is a drop in service – students are not allocated a time

The closing date for receipt of applications to view scripts is:  Tuesday, 10 September 2019 at 15h00. Applications cannot be accepted after this date.

Please note that the above arrangements are for students who wish to view 'business' modules only (Accounting, Risk Management & Insurance, Economics, Marketing/Management and HR).  Should you wish to view Law, Maths, Language, History, Politics or Sociology modules please contact the relevant department(s) to check their viewing arrangements. 

Conditions for Viewing 'Business' Exam Scripts:
  • Please complete the form available here and email it to KBSViewingdays@ul.ie . Closing date for receipt of applications to view scripts: Tuesday, 10 September at 15h00.
  • Students must produce their ID card to gain entry to the Viewing Room.
  • Students may not be accompanied in the Viewing Room.
  • Students are only allowed to view their script(s) and may not copy them.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed while viewing scripts
  • Calculator allowed
  • Scripts may not be removed from the Viewing Room.
  • Discussion on scripts is not allowed during the viewing process.

***Are you requesting to view an exam script from a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) paper?

Please note that it is likely that MCQ answer sheets will not be given to you with your exam script / bubble sheet.

A third party may not view your exam script(s).