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KBS Research Ethics

The KBS Research Ethics Committee is charged by the University to consider the ethics of proposed research projects which will involve human subjects and to agree or not, as is the case, whether the projected research is ethical.

Application Procedure

All applicants must complete the relevant KBSREC Research Ethics application form (either the Faculty and PhD students’ form or the FYP and taught postgraduate students’ form).  Forms must be signed by the principal investigator and faculty supervisor where relevant.
KBSREC is only accepting electronic submissions of research ethics application forms.
Forms should be emailed to KBSResearchEthics@ul.ie. You will receive an acknowledgement of your application at this point. This form must be submitted before the research begins.

The KBS Research Ethics Committee must be consulted about any research proposals which involve:
  • Direct experimentation on individuals
  • Surveys or questionnaires administered to individuals
  • Use of data derived from individual records where individuals might be identified
Submission Deadlines for Autumn 2019:

  • 9th September 2019
  • 7th October 2019
  • 4th November 2019
  • 2nd December 2019

Submission Deadlines for Spring 2020:

  •  6th January 2020
  • 2nd February 2020
  • 2nd March 2020
  • 6th April 2020
  • 5th May 2020
  • 2nd June 2020

Application Forms:


Consent Forms:

Research Privacy Statement:

For additional Information please contact:
Rebecca Gachet
Research Administrator
KBS Research Office
Kemmy Business School
University of Limerick
Tel:  +353-61-202256
Email:  rebecca.gachet@ul.ie
Room: KB2-14
KBS Research Ethics Committee

  Dr Deirdre O'Loughlin
  Chair, Research Ethics Committee,
  Department of Management & Marketing
  Tel:  +353-61-213375
  Email: Deirdre.OLoughlin@ul.ie
  Room:  S1-21
  Rebecca Gachet
  Research Administrator
  Kemmy Business School
  Tel:  +353-61-202256
  Email: Rebecca.gachet@ul.ie
  Room: KB2-14

  Dr Marta Zieba
  Department of Economics
  Tel:  +353-61-202213
  Email: Marta.Zieba@ul.ie
  Room: KB3-24
  Dr Sarah MacCurtain
  Department of Work & Employment Studies   
   Tel: +353-61-213490
  Email:  Sarah.MacCurtain@ul.ie
  Room:  KB2-45

  Dr Maria Lichrou
  Department of Management & Marketing
  Tel:  +353-61-234661
  Email: maria.lichrou@ul.ie
  Room:  KB2-18
  Dr John Heneghan
  Department of Accounting & Finance
  Tel:  +353-61-213420
  Email: john.heneghan@ul.ie
  Room:  S1-04