Directors: Patrick Gunnigle, Jonathan Lavelle, Anthony McDonnell
INTREPID comprises a network of international scholars involved in closely linked studies on management practice in multinational companies (MNCs) across different national contexts. The principal objective of this network is to ensure an accurate, representative depiction of the activities of MNCs, especially in the areas of employment practice and employment relations. This network involves some 15 universities and business schools from Australasia, the Americas and Europe (see table 1). Alongside national funding sources, INTREPID was awarded a four year European Union Framework 7 Marie Curie grant (FP7-PEOPLE-IRSES-2008N°230854-INTREPID) to facilitate research exchanges and collaboration.  The University of Limerick is the lead partner on this grant (Principal Investigator: Prof Patrick Gunnigle and Project co-director: Dr Jonathan Lavelle).


  University   Country
  University of Limerick   Ireland
  University of Newcastle   Australia
  University of Wollongong   Australia
  La Trobe University   Australia
  University of Montreal   Canada
  Laval University   Canada
  HEC Montreal   Canada
  El Colegio de la Frontera Norte   Mexico
  King’s College London   UK
  University of Warwick   UK
  De Montfort University   UK
  IESE, University of Navarra   Spain
  Copenhagen Business School   Denmark
  University of Copenhagen   Denmark
  Norwegian School of Economics & Business Administration   Norway

Below you will find an executive summary of the Irish report and a web link to the full report and working papers. In addition, you will find contact details for the different international project teams, as well as web links to the Canadian and UK reports and working papers.
Executive Summary to Main Report, Human Resource Practices in Multinational Companies in Ireland.
Executive Summary
The full findings are available in book format – full reference as follows:
 Lavelle, J., McDonnell, A. & Gunnigle, P. (2009) Human Resource Practices in Multinational Companies in Ireland: A Contemporary Analysis, Dublin: The Stationery Office.

Indicative related publications:
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Working Papers available at
Research Partners
John Burgess, University of Newcastle,
Jacques Bélanger, University of Laval,
Patrice Jalette, University of Montreal,
Christian Levesque, HEC Montreal,
Gregor Murray, University of Montreal,
Jorge Carrillo, El Colegio de la Frontera, Norte, Tijuana,
Peter Waring, University of New South Wales,
Javier Quintanilla, IESE Business School (Madrid)
Lourdes Susaeta, IESE Business School,
United Kingdom
Paul Edwards, Warwick University,
Tony Edwards, Kings College,
Anthony Ferner, De Montfort University,
Paul Marginson, Warwick University,
Olga Tregaskis, De Montfort University,
(The UK report and a selection of working papers are available via the link above)