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The Greenfield Site Project

Director: Paddy Gunnigle
This work involved a large scale survey and case investigation of employment relations and HRM practices in new greenfield site companies established in the Republic of Ireland in the period since the late 1980s.

Indicative Publications
Gunnigle, P., Turner, T. & D’Art, D. 2002. “Counterpoising collectivism: Performance-related pay and industrial relations in Greenfield sites”, in D’Art, D. & Turner, T.(Eds.) Irish Employment Relations in the New Economy, Dublin: Blackhall Press.

Gunnigle, P. & Morley, M. 1998 , “Strategic Integration and Industrial Relations in Greenfield Sites” in Skinner, D., Mabey, C. & Clark, T. (Eds.), Experiencing Human Resource Management, London: Sage.

Gunnigle, P., Turner, T. & D’Art. 1997. “Counterpoising Collectivism: Performance Related Pay and Industrial Relations in Greenfield Sites”, in D’Art, D. & Turner, T. (Eds.), Collectivism and Individualism: Trends and Prospects, Dublin: Oak Tree Press.

Gunnigle, P., MacCurtain, S. & Morley, M. 2001. “Dismantling pluralism: industrial relations in Irish greenfield sites”, Personnel Review Vol. 30, No. 3: 263-279.

Director: Michael Morley 
This stream of research is dedicated to generating empirical data on working and living abroad. Particular emphasis has been placed on exploring the experiences of expatriates and sojourners working and living in Ireland and also Irish expatriates working and living abroad.  The papers and volumes generated represent a mix of both the quantitative and the narrative and provide insights into the lives, the experiences and the frustrations of employees on foreign assignment. 
Indicative Publications
Morley, M., Linehan, M. & Scullion, H. (2003), “The Management of Expatriates: Contemporary Developments and Future Challenges”, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 174-184. 

Linehan, M., M. Morley & J. Walsh, (Eds.), (2002), International Human Resource Management and Expatriate Transfers: Irish Experiences, Dublin: Blackhall Publishing.