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Gogo Anyanwu


Prof. Patrick Gunnigle, Dr. Jonathan Lavelle & Dr. Michelle O’Sullivan

Working Title of Thesis:

The effectiveness of trade unions as a mechanism for employee voice in the banking sector


This study investigates employee voice in the Nigerian banking sector. While there are numerous studies on employee voice in developed countries, this topic is comparatively under investigated in emerging economies, especially Africa. This study will investigate the extent and form of employee voice with, particular focus on the role of trade unions as a vehicle for employee voice. To achieve this objective the author will seek participation from both unionized and non-unionized banks to elicit perspectives of workers, managers and trade union officials on the provision of employee voice in the banking sector. The research will adopt an exploratory multi-case design, with semi-structured interviews in five different Nigerian banks (three union and two non-union) located in Lagos and Abuja, the nation’s commercial and government capital respectively.