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The 2019 Spring Series of Research Seminars at the Kemmy Business School continues today with a presentation by our colleague Dr Maeve O’Sullivan. The title of Maeve‘s presentation is: 
“The Forgotten Workforce: the Labour Market Experiences of Older Female Part-time Workers”

Women’s labour force participation in recent decades has been characterised as part-time and segregated in low status, poorly paid jobs. Factors such as the workings of labour markets, individual attributes such as education and work experience, constraints and preferences have all been proposed to explain the features and prevalence of contemporary female labour force participation.  Despite this, there is a dearth of information on why older people in general and older women in particular, work part-time in Ireland. This paper seeks to add to this body of knowledge by comprehensively exploring the factors likely to influence why older female workers end up in part-time jobs in the Irish labour market and the characteristics of these jobs.
The posing of these questions is particularly relevant given the high rate of part-time work among older women in Ireland – over one-third of all working women and almost half of those aged over 50 worked part-time in 2017. Data is derived from a matched employer-employee dataset and a nationally-representative labour force survey in order to address the questions posed in this research. Findings reveal that the factors likely to influence part-time working among older females include under-employment, limited educational attainment, few years’ work experience and employment in lower occupations. The study also finds that the characteristics associated with these jobs include low-wage, private sector employment with few employment benefits. The seminar concludes with a discussion on the implications of these findings from individual, organisational and societal perspectives.
The seminar at 1pm, Tuesday 26th February 2019, in KB1-15