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Public Policy, Enterprise, Governance and Sustainability (PPEGS)
Work, Knowledge and Employment (WKE)
Seminar Series
The PPEGS & WKE Research Themes are pleased to announce their next presenter
Dr. Ilaria Setti
Department of Brain and Behavioural Sciences, University of Pavia, Italy
 Occupational well-being. A focus on psycho-social risks for rescuers and violence at work for employees working in small businesses

The last of our 2018 Spring Series of Research Seminars at the Kemmy Business School takes place this Wednesday with a presentation from Michael McMahon of practical application to anyone working with large datasets in a range of contexts.

The title and summary of the presentation are: 
Data Analytics -  A Bayesian Based Treatment Of Updated Data  Using A Gamma Prior. 

A Practical Approach to Cyber Risk Assessment for Autonomous Vehicles

Date: 18th April 2018
Time: 13:00
Location: KB1-15

Dr Finbarr Murphy presents 'A Practical Approach to Cyber Risk Assessment for Autonomous Vehicles' Cyber Risk is one of the top concerns of insurance companies, particularly with the implementation of GDPR. This talk demonstrates a risk assessment technique to quantitatively estimate the risk of an adverse event in the context of Autonomous Vehicles.

Speakers:  Dr. Darragh Flannery & Dr. Donal Palcic, Department of Economics, KBS and Dr John Cullinan School of Business and Economics, NUI Galway


  • Using administrative data sources for compiling official property price statistics in the CSO.
All are welcome to attend.

The seminar will cover the following areas:
  • The history of price indices in the area of residential property in Ireland and the launch of CSO's Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) in September 2016
  • The administrative data sources and methodology for compiling the RPPI

(PPEGS) Seminar Series - Dr Antoinette Flynn and Dr Colette Grey

Date: 29th November 2017
Time: 13:00
Location: KB1-16
Titled Management compensation contracts and distribution policies in the US technology sector.
Does Reducing Unemployment Benefits During a Recession Reduce Youth Unemployment? Evidence from a 50% Cut in Unemployment Assistance.

All are welcome to attend


Seminar Series - Work, Knowledge and Employment Research Theme

Date: 21st November 2017
Time: 12:00
Location: Room KB112
Professor Juani Swart, School of Management, University of Bath

Titled: “Re-considering boundaries: Human Resource Management in a networked world”
All are welcome to attend
Overview of the Seminar
Titled: Identifying 19th century British and Irish steamships from a large database
All are welcome to attend