Employment Relations Research Unit (ERRU)

The Employment Relations Research Unit operates under the auspices of the umbrella theme of Organisation Science and Public Policy and focuses on empirical research into contemporary issues in employment relations and human resource management. Key on-going projects include INTREPID (Investigation of Transnationals' Employment Practices: an International Database), the Cranfield Network ('Cranet') Project on International Human Resource Management, a collaborative research project on U.S. multinational corporations and the management of human resources in Europe spanning four European countries and Multinational companies, HRM and sub-national governance, a comparative project involving scholars from Canada, Ireland, Spain and the UK and funded by, inter alia, the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Economic and Social Research Council (UK), and a number of research projects covering areas such as diversity management, expatriation, trade union recognition and avoidance and human resource development. These projects are funded from a range of external and internal sources and provide extensive opportunity for stimulating graduate and faculty research in employment relations.


Professor Patrick Gunnigle (patrick.gunnigle@ul.ie
Professor Michael Morley (michael.morley@ul.ie)
Dr Jonathan Lavelle (jonathan.lavelle@ul.ie)

Current Research Projects

  1. INTREPID (Investigation of Transnationals' Employment Practices: an International Database)
    Directors: Professor Patrick Gunnigle, Dr Jonathan Lavelle, Dr Anthony McDonnell
  2. Cranfield Network ('Cranet') Project on International Human Resource Management
    Directors: Professor Michael Morley, Professor Patrick Gunnigle and Dr. Tom Turner
  3. U.S. Multinational Corporations and the Management of Human Resources in Europe
    Directors (in Ireland): Professor Patrick Gunnigle, Professor Michael Morley, Dr David Collings
  4. The Greenfield Site Project
    Directors: Professor Patrick Gunnigle and Dr Tom Turner
  5. Intercultural Transitional Adjustment and Expatriate Transfers
    Director: Professor Michael Morley  

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