Euro-Asia Centre

The Euro-Asia Centre at the University of Limerick was established in 1996 within the Kemmy Business School to undertake research-based evaluation of the interaction between Asia and Europe, in the context of an increasingly globalised world economy, and to foster academic linkages between Europe and Asia. It pursues its mission on the basis of multi-disciplinary research and analysis, embracing business, economic, legal, political, cultural, social, linguistic and other relevant technical disciplines. It draws expertise from many internationally-focused activities of the University of Limerick and channels them into the Euro-Asian context in conjunction with Asia and Europe-based academic partners.


The main objectives of the Euro-Asia Centre are:

  • to advance Asian and European business, socio- cultural and technical relations through research, consultancy and educational programmes;
  • to serve as a resource centre for those who seek to understand the trade and competitiveness problems facing Europe and Asia in an increasingly globalised world economy;
  • to build positive relations between Europe and Asia by fostering economic development.


Professor Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan, PhD 
Director, Euro-Asia Centre,
Department of Economics, KBS

Professor Edward Moxon Browne, 
Department of Politics, UL

Dr Martin Mullins, 
Department of Accounting and Finance, KBS