The Tourism Collection

Since the foundation of the NCTPS in 1994 an emphasis has been placed on the development of a top quality research collection in all areas of tourism. Significant investment in back issues of journals, books and periodicals ensures that the collection at UL provides a stimulating environment for students, visiting research scholars and private sector interests in the tourism industry. The benefit of having all books and periodicals stored in one area of the library has proven very attractive to research scholars. The ongoing improvement of the collection through the acquisition of new and archival material will continue to be a central element of NCTPS priorities.

The Norton Collection

The Library of the University of Limerick acquired the Norton Collection in the later half of the 1990s. This outstanding collection is the result of a lifetime of collecting by Dr.Eamon Norton, an Athlone born doctor who had a general practice in Wakefield, Yorkshire, UK.

The collection numbers over 12,000 volumes and much ephemera, practically all of Irish interest: books, manuscripts, maps, charts, prints, drawings, photographs and postcards depicting the heritage of Ireland. It is housed in the Special Collections Area of the Glucksman Library & Information Services Building. The Norton Collection now provides a research resource, particularly in the area of heritage, of major scholarly potential.