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BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management

BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management

The BA (Hons) in HRM is a level 8 programme offered on a part-time evening basis at the University of Limerick. It is a comprehensive programme covering key areas of human resource management (HRM), human resource development (HRD) and employment relations as well as broader related subjects such as economics, sociology and law. The programme is accredited both by the University of Limerick and the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD).  

The BA in HRM is particularly attractive for those who are interested in gaining a third level qualification in the area of HRM/employment relations.

Potential applicants are also welcome to discuss the course in further detail by contacting:

Tel: +353 61 202872
Click here for Application Details

The BA (Hons) in HRM is a one year degree.  Students are required to successfully complete 4 taught modules per semester plus a work-based management report.

Semester 1

  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Employment Relations Practice
  • Human Resource Development 3
  • Developing Professional Competence 3
  • Research Methods

Semester 2

  • Contemporary Employment Relations
  • Organisation Behaviour 3
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Continuing Professional Development 3
  • Management Report B

A minimum Level 7 qualification in HR or a cognate area.  Applicants must also have a minimum of two years work experience with at least six months experience in a management, supervisory or other equivalent experience.

Applications are now open and are processed through the Continuing, Professional Education section of the UL website (CPE)

Classes normally take place face to face on Tuesday and Thursday evenings on the UL campus. We are planning as such for September 2021.  However delivery of the course may change depending on Government restrictions relating to Covid-19. There is the possibility that the course may be online  in September but move to face to face delivery mode later in the term/year. Applicants are therefore advised to be aware of this in planning to undertake the programme.

Deciding to undertake the MSc in HRM/ BA in HRM / Dip in HRM, Cert in HRM was one of best decisions I have made. Not only did it further my knowledge of human resource management; it deepened my understanding and changed my perspective on many aspects of the subject and built my confidence as a HR practitioner.

After working in telecoms for a few years, an opportunity arose for me to join a start-up HR team, with responsibility for the transformation and delivery of HR services across Europe. Though I had some knowledge of the area, I quickly identified a need to upskill and decided to return to university part time to gain the knowledge and skills I needed to be more effective in my job.

Why UL

I chose UL over other options because of comprehensive nature of the course and the specialist knowledge of the staff. The ability to study part-time was also particularly important to me, in order to balance my studies with my full time job and family commitments. UL’s part-time programmes in HRM were perfect for me as they allowed me to balance learning with my work commitments.

Being nervous about returning to education, I was reassured by the comprehensive supports offered by UL. This provided me with the confidence that I would be able to succeed as I embarked on the programme. That support was also reflected in the staff who time and again went out of their way to help me during my studies. It is clear that they want students to succeed and went out of their way to ensure I achieved my learning goals. In fact, they were so supportive, that my planned 1-year return to further education, became a 4-year journey. Without their encouragement, I would not have followed the same road which would have been a terrible decision. Over those years, I achieved goals far beyond anything I initially would have thought possible, and have learned more than I could have ever imagined about the subject that I love.

The programme

The programme I undertook was the perfect match for what I was looking for. The curriculum was comprehensive and provided me with the knowledge and skills I needed for my job. Given that the HRM programmes are recognised by the CIPD, the industry body for HRM, was also important for my future career development.

One of the best things about the course was the skill of the instructors involved in delivering the programme. Each and every one was an expert in the field and had a clear passion for their area of expertise. This made the learning enjoyable. You are challenged in a way to allow you think about your perspective on the topic. Participating in the programme transformed my understanding of the subject matter, and on many occasions completely changed my perspective on the issues under examination.

Another particularly strong aspect of the UL experience is the considerable focus on group work and peer learning. In my programme, this was invaluable, allowing each of us to learn from the experience of others and to work with each other to achieve our goals.

The future

The knowledge and skills that I have developed from my time in the Kemmy Business School have proved invaluable in my career and more generally in my own life. In addition to theory, the programme I studied allowed me to develop really practical and transferrable skills in areas including team work, people management, negotiation and communication.  UL has been a fundamental part of my growth trajectory. It has given me the core skills and the confidence to develop my career in ways I would not have imagined, and I firmly believe it will continue to power my future career success.

Ger Healy Graduate of Higher Certificate, Diploma, BA, and MSc in HRM


  1. When do I register my modules?

Registration takes place in Week 1 of both the Autumn and Spring Semester of each academic year

  1. How do I register for my modules?

All students register their modules on line. For information on how to register online, see details here

  1. What happens if I do not register?

 Students who fail to register during week 1 of each semester will:

  1. Incur a fine of €200 by Student Academic Administration.
  2. Be denied access to:
    • Computer Account
    • SULIS
    • Student Results
    • Not be included on Module Class list and Grading Sheets / reports for faculty
  1. Where do I get my student ID card?

 Student ID cards are issued to students at Orientation, Week 1.  It is recommended to attend Orientation; however, if you cannot attend, your ID card will be posted to you.

  1. What do I do if I lose my student ID card?

 If you lose your student ID card, contact 

  1. How do I get a form stamped i.e. for Social Welfare?
    You can send the form by email to, by post or call to Student Academic Administration, E0-001- University of Limerick.  Please give your student ID number on the form to enable SAA to locate your records easily. Upon receiving your request, SAA will endeavour to process it within 5 working days.  During peak times, i.e. Week 1-3 of each semester, the turnaround time may be longer. 
  2. What do I do if I forget my PC password details?

Details to reset your password can be found here    

  1. How do I access library eresources off campus?

Details found here

  1. How do I renew library books online?  Details found here
  2. How do I get access Google Scholar from home? Details found here 
  3. Finding and Using Information: Tips on how to find information as you begin your assignment.  Here are some helpful tips
  4. How to book study rooms in the Library? Details found here 
  5. How to book study rooms in KBS?

KBS have five ‘breakout’ study rooms – KBG-18/19/20 and KB1-23/24. The bookings sheets are generated every Friday for the following week (Monday to Friday).  You can email in advance with your preferred day/time and your Student ID Number.  The slots are every two hours from 08.00 – 22.00. Please note that these rooms take up to six students.

  1. How do I access help from the Regional Writing Centre, UL?

To view their weekly timetable with peer tutoring times, as well as Writers' Groups and any other Writing Centre activities, click here for further details
Any of the slots mentioning social sciences or arts type subjects such as economics or politics should provide helpful assistance. They usually focus on writing style rather than specific content of a module. Students can book an appointment by registering for an account with the Centre 

  1. How do I reference?

Details found here  

  1. How do I get my end of semester results?

The end of semester results are available through
To log on to - Input your Username (ID number) and password.
**Tip – ahead of the ‘release of results’ date log in and check that your password is working. If not, follow the instructions to get it changed.  That way you can ensure you will have easy access on the day of results!
See the Academic Calendar for information on ‘release of results’ and other important dates. 

  1. CIPD networking and events in the Mid-West

Details found here

  1. How do I join CIPD?

Send your details to  including; full name, DOB, home address, personal email address and phone number.  Your information will be passed on to CIPD, who will send you an email with instructions on how to pay online.