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8th Annual Tourism Policy Workshop

Date: 17th November 2017
Time: 9:00
‘Confronting Challenges and Seizing Opportunities in Irish Tourism: The Role of the Public Sector’Public and Private Sector’

The challenges for the Irish economy and society occasioned by Brexit, geopolitical turbulence and technological disruptions are already at play and are likely to have even more profound effects in the years ahead. Resultantly, the Tourism Sector must respond through serious analysis and identification of the “Strategic” responses required and how same should be funded.

The workshop aims to facilitate such engagement by all who value the role that tourism plays in the Irish economy and society. This eight annual workshop brings together senior decision makers and stake-holders in tourism from the public and private sectors with the clear objective of stimulating the long-term economic contribution of tourism to the Irish economy and society. This workshop is an initiative of the National Centre for Tourism Policy Studies, University of Limerick.

For further details visit: www.tourismpolicyworkshop.wordpress.com