As part of the University’s drive to reduce single-use plastics on campus, water bottle filling stations which deliver chilled and filtered mains water are being deployed in student-friendly locations across campus (see picture below). To see all the locations available across campus please click here.


Figure 1: Image of water bottle filling stations being deployed across campus



Water is fed to the campus via both the East and West gates from the Limerick County Council water-main. Water consumption on campus is metered and the university is billed twice annually for water used. The University is also charged for effluent discharge based on Water In = Effluent Out. The cost of water and effluent discharge to the University has increased six fold in the last 10 years making it a major recurrent cost.

More information on the techniques used to conserve water can be found by viewing an excerpt from our annual report here or accessing "An introduction to water conservation at UL" here.

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