North Bank Exit

10 September 2018

As you are aware, the start of term is next Monday 10th September. This will bring with it a significant increase in traffic on campus. In order to deal with traffic congestion that typically occurs at start of term and persists for a number of weeks during term, there are a number of measures that will be implemented to assist in getting vehicles off campus.


For vehicles exiting at the Main Gate and East Gate on to Plassey Park Road additional traffic management personnel will be deployed at critical junctions and at certain pedestrian crossings throughout campus. Additional signage will be deployed to assist drivers.


Furthermore, on next Monday 10th September, commencing at 4pm,it is intended to open an exit-only gate for cars from the North Bank exiting at Garraun Road. This is only a trial to ascertain the impact on local road infrastructure and to inform future infrastructural improvements. Clare County Council are aware of this trial.  This initiative will be closely monitored on Monday. Please note that only the first 100 cars wishing to use this temporary exit will be permitted to exit, after which the exit will be closed. An update email to advise staff of the number of  cars that have used the exit will be issued at 16h30 and at 17h00 on Monday.   A review of the impact on local roads will be carried out on Tuesday to ascertain whether additional (or any) traffic can be safely accommodated. This process will continue for a number of weeks only and is subject to cancellation at any time.  There will a large contingent of traffic management personnel deployed to assist in this trial and the full co-operation of car drivers will be required to help make this work. Drivers should also note that there may be cyclists and pedestrians sharing this route, so please exercise caution on the route.


Buildings and Estates Department

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