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Centre for Peace and Development Studies

The Centre for Peace and Development Studies is a multidisciplinary centre that brings together those working in the general areas of International Relations, International Development, Community Development, Conflict Studies, International Political Economy and Policy Studies. It is committed towards bringing scholars and practitioners who have a commitment towards the general framework of Peace and Development at the local, (inter)national and global levels. It fosters individual and collaborative research by creating a engagement with wide national and international networks through seminars and research partnerships. The centre looks to attract work from the Social Sciences and well as from Education and Business Schools but is located in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Limerick. It serves as an umbrella for the three research clusters held within the department and accommodates the MA programme in Peace and Development Studies.

Its main aims are to:

a) Host, create and facilitate research projects involving members of the centre and international collaborators and to generate research funds, publications and advisory papers from such work
b) Host or co-host seminars, workshops and conferences within the general areas of ‘Peace and Development’
c) Enhance a strategy that provides consultancy for both local and international development projects and develop networks to facilitate this.
d) Facilitate a research environment for multi-disciplinary PhD students to thrive and develop their work
e) Develop the centre as an international centre that can foster and facilitate a wide range of international projects and host international partners
f) Ensure that the activities of the Centre positivity impacts society at large with its projects and findings


Co-directors of the CPSD:

Dr Owen Worth, Senior Lecturer of International Relations (
Dr Chris McInerney, Lecturer in Public Administration (

Postgraduate Programmes 

Master of arts in Peaec and Development Studies More Information

Contact :

General  Centre for Peace and Development Studies,
 University of Limerick,
Director  Professor Tom Lodge.
 +353 (0) 61  213085
Associate Director Dr Caitlin Ryan
+353 (0) 61  233624 
CPDS Fellow Hama Munyikwa
CPDS Fellow Helen Basini