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New book: All The Money In The World

Fri, 16 Jul 2021

Long-time UL academic,  Prof Sarah Moore has been a creative writer all her life. Described as ‘one of Ireland’s finest writers for children and young adults’ (The Examiner), she joined the UL creative writing team after completing her term of office as inaugural Chair of Ireland’s National Forum for Teaching and Learning. This week saw the publication of her sixth novel, entitled ‘All The Money In The World,’ which explores privilege, educational disadvantage, poverty and identity.   


Here’s what the reviews have been saying: 

 ‘..casts a clear eye on what it means for many, though not all worries, to be removed from one’s shoulders. More textured than a simple fable, this is a must-read.’ The Irish Times 

‘…an intriguing book, full of surprises’ The Independent 

‘…laced with her trademark compassion and kindness.’ The Examiner 

‘a story that is impossible to walk away from… the impact and atmosphere are perfectly reflected in the exquisite telling of the tale. Thoughtful, tender, heartfelt, exciting and simply wonderful’  Goodreads 

All The Money In The World is available to order in your local independent bookshop. Link here: 


Later in the year, Sarah plans to give a live reading from her new book, on campus, for UL faculty, students and their families.