Intervarsity Public History Research Blitz
Monday, 17 April 2023

On Thursday 13 April 2023, Dr Karol Mullaney-Dignam, Department of History, co-hosted the second annual Public History Research Blitz, a Joint UL-Trinity College Dublin MA Public History colloquium, with Dr Georgina Laragy of TCD. This live, intervarsity event featured 19 5-minute [blitz] presentations by MA Public History students at both institutions, based on their current dissertation research. The range of postgraduate research projects presented is indicative of the breadth and diversity of the field of Public History in Ireland.

Programme 1. Sites of Memory - Viktorina White, Writing over the dead: conservation efforts at St James Graveyard, Dublin (TCD) - Deirdre McGuirk, Cilliní as Sites of Conscience in modern Ireland: community, memory and social justice (UL) - Monika Rzepka, Memory in Resistance: Exploring Gendered Sites of Memory in Post-Genocide Guatemala as Counterculture and Counternarrative - Katherine Gardner –Tourism and Transformation in Religious Spaces

2. Museums and exhibition spaces - Shannon Murphy, Carceral Space: Exhibiting Prisoner Art at Kilmainham Gaol (TCD) - Kaiden Reding: ‘Living and Extinct Races of Men’: Human evolution on display at the American Museum of Natural History, 1870-1990 (UL) - Katie Blackwood: The emotional archive: an exploration of feeling and affective experiences during the donation process in the National Irish Visual Arts Library (UL) - Rory Hynes, Northern Irish Museums as Healing Spaces in the Post Troubles Era (TCD)

3. History in the public realm - Allison Crout, Un-Sugarcoating History: Contested and Unknown History of the American Civil War. (TCD) - David Kearns, The Conservative Government’s Instrumentalization of History in the British Education System, 2010-2021". (TCD) - Pearse Grimes: Quis Separabit? A critical evaluation of modern Irish public representations of the Connaught Rangers regiment of the British Army (UL) - Jingyu Zeng, The Development of Museums in the Digital Era” (TCD)

4. Culture heritage, identity and media - Ashton Crawley, "Don't Stop Dancing: Dance as Identity within the Irish American Diaspora." (TCD) - Orla Buckley: History on Irish community radio: participation and collaboration (UL) - Madison McCafferty, The Revitalization of Marine Cultural Heritage: Case Studies in Hawai'i and Ireland (TCD) - Emma Houle, Riding the Sound Waves: Public Histories Foray into Podcasting" (TCD) - Alexandria Chicken, Looking at the Practice of Cultural Heritage Within Multiracial and Multicultural American Families” (TCD) - Fionnuala Murphy, Which People's War?: Irish Memories in a Digital BBC Archive (TCD) - Cormac McDermott, Interacting with and Interpreting Local vs National Heritage in the Dublin Bay North Area. (TCD)


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