Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Time: 4pm - 5:30pm
Location: Theatre 2, Irish World Academy

Presenters: Dr Órfhlaith Ní Bhríain and colleagues

Chair: Dr Kathleen Turner

“To me the classroom continues to be a place where paradise can be realised, a place of passion and possibility, a place where spirit matters,  where  all  that  we  learn  and  know  leads  us  into  greater  connection, into greater understanding of life lived in community” (hooks 2003, p. 183).

In this Tower seminar, experienced community arts practitioners, facilitators   and   teachers   share   examples   from   their   work   in   community settings. They consider the impact in the lives of both participants and themselves, the conditions of working that make collaboration  possible,  and  the  challenges  and  successes  they  encounter in seeking the greater connection that bell hooks refers to. This seminar will also include a facilitated discussion, where the audience  are  invited  to  respond  in  small  groups  to  provocations  from the speakers.

*Quotation  is  taken  from:  hooks,  b.  (2003)  Teaching  Community:  A pedagogy of Hope

Admission is free and all are welcome