Date: Friday, February 10, 2023
Time: 11am - 8.30pm
Location: Irish World Academy Building

‘House  of  Light’  was  the  original  description  given  to  the  Irish  World Academy building by architect Daniel Cordier to describe his  vision  of  a  building  that  interacted  with  the  world  around  it  -  the  Shannon  river,  the  Clare  hills,  the  Living  bridge  -  and  encouraged creative collaboration and vision.

For  many  years,  the  Academy  has  curated  a  ‘House  of  Light’  event  at  the  beginning  of  February,  the  time  of  Imbolc  and  the   coming   of   the   light.   These   events   have   included   an   all-night   ritual   based   around   the   traditions   of   the   Indian   and   Irish   goddesses   of   wisdom,   Saraswati   and   Sionna,   as   well  as  a  Nepalese/Irish  event  exploring  shared  Bronze  Age  instrumental traditions.

This  year,  the  House  of  Light  event,  ‘Calling  the  Clans’,  will  celebrate  the  legacy  of  past  colleagues  from  the  Irish  World  Academy   and   the   Irish   Chamber   Orchestra.   The   day   will   include the  honorary  conferring  of  composer,  clarinettist  and     conductor     Jörg     Widmann,     for     the     extraordinary     contributions   he   has   made   during   his   time   as   principal   conductor  of  the  Irish  Chamber  Orchestra.  The  conferring  ceremony  will  include  a  live  performance  of  his  work  by  the  ICO and students of the Academy, as well as the presentation of  scholarships  to  the  first  recipients  of  a  new  scholarship  initiative by the ICO for Academy students. The day will also feature  a  series  of  public,  recorded  oral  history  interviews  with  Jörg  and  past  colleagues  including  Carl  Corcoran,  Dr  Catherine Foley, Dr Mary Nunan and Dr Colin Quigley. It will culminate in ‘The Three Forges’ concert, curated by Prof Mel Mercier for the Irish Gamelan Orchestra and guests, marking his rich contribution over a career-long engagement with Irish higher  education,  including  his  seminal  role  as  first  Chair  of  Performing Arts at the Irish World Academy.

11am - Invitation Only Event: Jörg Widmann honorary conferring with ICO performance and scholarship presentations (Theatre One, Irish World Academy Building).

2.15pm-3.45pm-Public Event: Oral history interviews with Carl Corcoran, Dr Mary Nunan and Jörg Widmann, conducted by Matthew Draper from the Irish Chamber Orchestra (Tower Theatre, Irish World Academy Building).

4pm-5.30pm-Public Event: Oral history interviews with Dr Catherine Foley and Dr Colin Quigley. Interviews conducted by Dr Aileen Dillane from the Irish World Academy (Tower Theatre, Irish World Academy Building).

7pm-8.30pm: The Three Forges Concert. This performance is open to the public. Admission is free, and all are welcome.