Teacher Development in the 21st Century Seminar

Teacher Development in the 21st Century Seminar

Teacher Development in the 21st Century Seminar 

Designing corpus-based materials for the teaching of conversation

Michael McCarthy and Jeanne McCarten 

Friday 8 May, 12-2pm
Graduate Attributes Hub

In this talk we first look at what we can learn about everyday social conversation from a spoken corpus. We will see how conversations are organized, how listeners show that they are active and engaged in the conversation, and how people work hard to create and maintain good relations. We will consider how the evidence of the corpus helps us to establish principles for the design of classroom materials and activities which reflect how spoken English is actually used. Spoken corpora not only provide statistical data for the content of materials but also force us to rethink the methodology of the teaching of speaking and listening.

Michael McCarthy and Jeanne McCarten are authors, with Helen Sandiford, of the Touchstone series of English language textbooks, amongst others. Their Cambridge University Press profiles can be accessed here:

This workshop will be of interest to faculty engaged in second language teaching and learning, whatever the target language.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the AHSS Faculty Teaching Board for this initiative.