Seminar: Towards the low-carbon transition: Governance challenges

Seminar: Towards the low-carbon transition: Governance challenges

Department of Politics and Public Administration Seminar

Wednesday, January 28th, 2.00pm F1030

Peadar Kirby, University of Limerick 'Towards the low-carbon transition: Governance challenges'.

This paper argues that the goal of moving to a low-carbon society by 2015 which is fast becoming the goal of global public policy presents major challenges for governance systems, challenges which have been largely neglected both by political science and by the political system. The paper draws on some recent analyses of what these challenges entail and identifies some of the key challenges facing political science if it is to contribute to the socio-ecological transition.

Professor Peadar Kirby, Professor Emeritus of International Politics and Public Policy, University of Limerick Adjunct Professor, Network of Power, Politics and Society, NUI Maynooth Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Political Science, University of Iceland, Reykjavik

Website: | Twitter: @KirbyPeadar

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