Seminar: Dr Tom Slater

Seminar: Dr Tom Slater

UL MA in Sociology (Youth, Community & Social Regeneration)

Critical Perspectives on Youth, Community and Urban Regeneration Seminar Series 2015

F1030, Foundation Building, UL, at 1pm

Week 5 Wednesday 25th February: "Territorial stigmatization and the rent gap: conceptual tools for analysing gentrification and displacement". Dr Tom Slater (University of Edinburgh)

Dr Tom Slater is Reader in Urban Geography at the University of Edinburgh and has published extensively on the urbanization of injustice.  After being displaced from the south London neighbourhood of Tooting in 1998, he conducted Ph.D. research (1999-2003) on gentrification, based at King's College London. Tom is currently completing a book on the myths and realities of gentrification and displacement. He is also tracing the roots and implications of the current UK government's welfare reforms, and developing the links between rent gap theory and territorial stigmatisation.

This seminar will make use of the concepts of territorial stigmatization (Loic Wacquant) and the rent gap (Neil Smith) to explore the loss of place in gentrifying contexts. Blending fieldwork data with secondary sources, Slater will argue that there is an intense and direct relationship between the defamation of poor neighbourhoods and the process of gentrification, to the point where it becomes necessary to fuse these two concepts together in order to interpret and challenge the housing crises faced by people living at the bottom of the class structure in cities. The seminar will illustrate how territorial stigmatization provides the groundwork and ideological justification for a thorough class transformation of space involving evictions, demolition, land clearance, and then the construction of housing and services aimed at more affluent residents.