Presentation of an FYP

Presentation of an FYP

It is important that you present the final product in a professional way. The FYP must include an abstract, a table of contents and a bibliography (appendices may also be included, where appropriate).  The project should be typed on one side only, on A4 sized paper or equivalent. One-and-a-half or double line spacing should be used, except for indented quotations and annotation, which should be in single line spacing. The left and bottom margins should be 3.5 cm wide and other margins should be 1.5 cm wide.

The cover of your FYP should include the UL logo (you can find a version here), your name, the title of your project, and the name of your degree programme.

The title page of your FYP should include your name, your ID number, the title of your project, your supervisor’s name, the name of the external examiner (contact your supervisor or department administrator for this), the name of your degree programme and the date.

The material within your FYP should be arranged as follows:

  • Title and subtitle
  • Abstract (on separate page)
  • List of contents
  • List of tables, illustrations, etc. (if appropriate)
  • List of accompanying material (if appropriate)
  • Preface (if appropriate)
  • Acknowledgement (if appropriate)
  • Author’s declaration
  • Definitions; List of abbreviations (if appropriate)
  • Text, divided into chapters, sections, etc.
  • Appendices (if appropriate)
  • Glossary (if appropriate)
  • List of references
  • Bibliography

Once you have printed and bound your FYP, if you notice any errors, you may insert a correction sheet listing these. Ask your supervisor if you are unsure if you need this or not.