MA in Languages and ICT Content Development

MA in Languages and ICT Content Development

The MA in Languages and ICT Content Development is a one-year taught MA and is offered on a full-time basis using a combination of faculty-student contact hours and self-directed learning and research. The purpose of this programme is to equip graduates with the skills needed to design and develop multimedia content and technology-enhanced learning solutions in German, French or Spanish.

This course aims to:

  • develop students' competence in languages and ICT for application to multilingual environments
  • develop students’ understanding of key aspects of and debates in the cultural life of German, French and Spanish-speaking countries today.
  • enable students to communicate in oral and written German, French or Spanish with a high degree of accuracy and confidence (to C2 level in CEFR for languages).
  • develop students’ understanding of principles and theories of instructional design, technical communication and information design and how they can be applied to content development in a multilingual context.
  • enable students to write clear, correct, precise content in English and in German, French or Spanish.
  • foster students’ ability to conduct independent research in all fields relating to German, French or Spanish languages and cultures and content development

As part of the programme, students will take core modules on methodology each semester, and will choose one language (French, German or Spanish) to carry through the programme. For each language there will be a language practice and applied language module in both semesters. Students also choose either a technical communication or an e-learning elective in both semesters. 

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Course Director: 
Helen Kelly Holmes
Course type: 
Postgraduate Full-time