The Limerick Spring: LULITMI - A new country, a new beginning!

The Limerick Spring: LULITMI - A new country, a new beginning!

LULITMI -  A new country, a new beginning! A market place for ideas in democracy and administration.

LULITMI is an intensive, Problem Based Learning (PBL) exercise carried out as a collaboration between first year public administration students in UL and Mary Immaculate College (on the BA Arts programme) and first year community development students in LIT.  It also forms part of the programme of the Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas ( or 

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During the market place of ideas students, working in groups, will play the role of democracy and administration innovators tasked to explore ways of governing LULITMI, a country which has miraculously reappeared after being lost for 1000 years, its citizens awakening from many years of dreamlike sleep. The citizens now need the innovators to  research and assess different ways to manage the nation’s affairs in this new and strange 21st century.  In response to questions/tasks posed by LULITMI residents, our democracy innovators will hold a market place of ideas on Thursday February 22nd between 1-3pm, in the Atrium of the Foundation Building, where they will share and persuade people about the best ways of manage the new nation’s business. 

As well as inviting you, the wider UL population to attend, a panel of ‘wise elders’, drawn from UL, LIT and the Limerick Spring Festival Committee, will listen to the ideas and will question and challenge the innovators.  We invite you to do the same.

This exercise is designed to provide an authentic and locally connected platform for student learning in the field of public administration, politics and community development and hopefully introduces students to many of the graduate attributes promoted in UL.  It would be greatly enriched by the collective involvement of the UL community.