Lecture: BBC Foreign Correspondent Fergal Keane

Lecture: BBC Foreign Correspondent Fergal Keane

The award-winning BBC Foreign Correspondent Fergal Keane will give a public lecture on the challenges facing the media in the University of Limerick on Thursday March 26thThe distinguished BBC journalist has covered most of the global war zones over the past 25 years and won several awards for his fearless reporting – including an OBE from Queen Elizabeth 11 for his services to Journalism in 1996.

The title of his lecturer is: The Struggle for Reason. Mr Keane said: 

“I will deal with the greatest challenge we face in journalism today – the battle for reason in a world overwhelmed by propaganda, gross simplification, powerful lobby groups and armies of internet trolls. I will speak about my belief that the obligation to fact, complexity, nuance and context has never been more vital - rigour and more rigour are required.”

University of Limerick Head of Journalism Mary Dundon said they were delighted to have such a distinguished journalist giving a public lecture on one of the main challenges facing the fast-changing multimedia world.

“Today we are all bombarded with ‘information’ from a plethora of multimedia sources and the challenge we face is to discern the truth and fact from the propaganda put out by powerful lobby groups. We believe it is a matter of public interest that our students and many people in the region will be interested hearing about and contributing to the Questions and Answers session afterward,” 

In many ways this public lecture is a homecoming for Fergal Keane. He started his journalism career in the Limerick Leader 35 years ago in 1979. And last year when the paper celebrated its 125th anniversary, he paid a special tribute to the newspaper.

“The Limerick Leader taught me how to be a reporter. I learned the primacy of fact over opinion; that your serve the community best when you hold a mirror showing the good and the bad, that you don’t back off from the truth when threatened with power,” he wrote in a special article for the newspaper.

Following his first job with the Limerick Leader, Mr Keane worked for The Irish Press, RTE, and the BBC in Northern Ireland, South Africa and Asia.
Fergal Keane was named as overall winner of the Amnesty International Press Awards in 1993 and won an Amnesty television prize in 1994 for his investigation of the Rwandan genocide, Journey into Darkness. 
He is the only journalist to have won both the Royal Television Society Journalist of the Year award and the Sony Radio Reporter of the Year in the same year - 1994. 
Throughout career Mr. Keane has won several more UK and international awards for his reporting, including The Voice of The Viewer award and a Listener Award for his for his BBC Radio 4, From Our Correspondent, dispatch, Letter to Daniel, addressed to his newborn son in 1996.
Fergal Keane’s public lecture will be held in the ground floor of the Foundation Building of the University of Limerick in Computer Science Building – CSG 001. There is no fee for the lecture but tickets must be booked in advance by contacting: mary.i.dundon@ul.ie

Closing date for booking tickets in Tuesday March 24th at 5pm.