International Conference on EU Criminal Justice

International Conference on EU Criminal Justice

Centre for Criminal Justice, School of Law, University of Limerick
Conference 21st and 22nd May 2015

On the Road towards a EU criminal justice system: problems, achievements and prospects.

EU Criminal Justice is a rapidly developing field. The adoption of the Lisbon Treaty has resulted in a proliferation of EU criminal justice measures, some of which are nearing deadlines for implementation into the national law of Member States, while others have some way to go.

There is an increasing imperative for scholars and practitioners to familiarize themselves with this complex area of law. This conference will address key developments to date.


  • Prof Silvia Allegrezza, University of Luxembourg;
  • Prof Estella Baker, Leicester De Montfort Law School;
  • Jodie Blackstock, Director of Criminal and EU Justice Policy, JUSTICE;
  • Prof Michele Caianiello, University of Bologna;
  • The Hon. Mr Justice John Edwards, Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Limerick;
  • Mr Remy Farrell SC;
  • Prof Stewart Field, Cardiff University;
  • Prof Sabine Gless, University of Basel;
  • Prof John Jackson, University of Nottingham;
  • Prof Shane Kilcommins, University of Limerick;
  • Prof Katalin Ligeti, University of Luxembourg;
  • Claire Loftus, Director of Public Prosecutions;
  • Prof Valsamis Mitsilegas, Queen Mary University of London;
  • Caroline Morgan, Political Analyst with the European Commission’s Representation UK;
  • Dr Maria Mousmouti, Centre for European Constitutional Law, Athens;
  • Prof Richard Myers, University of North Carolina;
  • Judge Tom O’Donnell, Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Limerick;
  • Dr Michele Panzavolta, University of Leuven;
  • Prof Steve Peers, University of Essex;
  • Prof Paul Roberts, University of Nottingham;
  • Dr Andrea Ryan, University of Limerick;
  • Prof John Spencer, Professor Emeritus of Law, University of Cambridge;
  • Prof Taru Spronken, Maastricht University;
  • Prof John Vervaele, Utrecht University & College of Europe, Bruges;
  • Prof Dermot Walsh, University of Kent;
  • Prof Helen Xanthaki, IALS, SAS, University of London;