CALS lecture: Silvia Benini

CALS lecture: Silvia Benini

The Centre for Applied Language Studies (CALS) and the School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics are pleased to announce a lecture:

Silvia Benini, CALS & MLAL: Connectivism and Digital Natives/Digital Immigrants: theories and practices in an Irish educational setting

Connectivism has been described as “a learning theory for the digital age” (Siemens, 2005) which focuses on Internet technologies and some of the new opportunities that users have to learn and share information across the World Wide Web. Specific skills contribute to learning such as  the ability to seek out current information and to filter secondary and unimportant information. The ability to make decisions and be critical on the basis of information being acquired is considered an essential part of the learning process (digital literacies). In this context, we wonder what is the digital status of our  students and teachers today; are they really “Digital natives” and “Digital Immigrants” as Prensky defined them in two seminal articles (2001a, 2001b)? This lecture aims to reflect on the current uses and expectations of ICT in education environments and to explore the current debate surrounding Prenskys’ “theory”. By presenting some of the data arising from a major case study, it is intended to examine the actual student and teacher attitudes and uses of digital technologies.  The empirical evidence will be discussed in relation to Connectivism and Digital Natives/Digital Immigrants theories with conclusions refuting one of these theories and supporting the other.     

Time: Friday 6th March 11:00-12:00

Venue: LCB009 (Languages Building)

All are welcome!

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