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Welcome to UL!

Congratulations on joining the University of Limerick! You are joining us at a very unique time. We have adapted the process of welcoming new students to make sure that you can make the most of the time you are on campus (see schedule below). 

Before You Arrive on Campus:
There are a few tasks that we need you to complete before you arrive.

University Orientation:
Familiarise yourself with UL before you get here so that you can find your way around, hear from the UL President and a number of key speakers, and learn about the facilities and services available to you.

Course Induction:
Course Induction is run through the UL Sulis website. Each course has its own Sulis section so when you log into Sulis you'll see information specifically for your course. Sulis also provides an interactive space to meet and interact with your classmates. 


Get Started: