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Student Status Committee Information for Staff

Student Status Committee meeting dates can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Student Status Committees (SSC) convene three times per year following the autumn, spring and annual repeats grading cycles. Student status matters included in the brief of these committees include:

  • Readmission to University following a period of extended absence
  • Leaves of absence
  • Internal transfers
  • Module exemptions (including exemptions from External Academic Placement and Co-operative Education)
  • Appeals of Academic Council Grading Council progression instructions

You can find the following information by logging into Student Hub Online and clicking the links below:

Student Status Committee: About the SSC (including upcoming meeting dates)
Information for Students applying to the SSC

The Committees must make decisions in accordance with UL Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures. Decisions that do not comply with the regulations (known as exceptional decisions) must be presented to the Student Status Chairpersons Committee that meets on the Friday following the Student Status Committee meetings.   At this meeting, they are discussed and if supported they are forwarded to the Associate Registrar to make the final decision.

Students submit applications to the Academic Registry by a given deadline in advance of the next Student Status Committee.  A representative of each Committee or administrator collects files containing the applications the day before the meetings (notification of pick up time will be issued in advance) from the main Academic Registry office.

Following the Committee meetings, applications complete with agreed decisions and Chairpersons signature are returned to the Academic Registry Division, who will communicate the decision to students and make the relevant changes to the students’ records.


According to UL Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures, in the case of departments/schools, which run programmes fully, each Department/School Head shall appoint at least three members of academic staff to the Student Status Committee of the department to review applications from students on that programme(s) (one of whom shall be appointed as chairperson).

In the case of programmes run jointly by a number of departments within a faculty, the Executive Dean of Faculty shall appoint an appropriate Student Status Committee.

In the case of programmes run jointly by a number of faculties, the relevant Executive Deans shall appoint an appropriate Student Status Committee.

Meeting dates are dictated by the academic calendar for each academic year and reminders will be sent to each Committee Chairperson and administrator from Academic Registry in advance of each meeting. It is the responsibility of the Committee to arrange a venue and time for their own meeting.

Academic Registry will arrange the time and venue of the SSC Chairpersons Group to be held on the Friday following the normal Student Status Committees – notification of this will be sent to each Chairperson and administrator in advance of the meeting.

In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to obtain a decision on an application before the next available sitting of the relevant Student Status Committee. Where this occurs, the student is advised to contact the relevant Committee Chairperson directly for the application to be considered. The chairperson may decide to seek the views of other members of his/her committee before making a decision.