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Scheduling of Class & Exam Timetables

The University of Limerick operates a centralised class timetabling service which is available to all academic departments and units.  Courses/modules approved by the Academic Programme Review Committee (APRC) and Academic Council (AC) can avail of this service.  The timetable is produced twice yearly in advance of the start of each academic semester. 

Central Scheduling will be provided during teaching weeks 1-12 only.

  • School of Medicine scheduling will be provided outside of teaching weeks 1-12 due to year long nature of their semester.
  • Full time courses and associated modules are scheduled freely Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00.
  • Specific days or times for block release or part-time courses will be facilitated only if the timetable permits.
  • Scheduling on Wednesday (after 2PM) will be kept to a minimum to allow students time to engage in Clubs and Societies activity. It has not been possible to eliminate Wednesday PM scheduling completely.
  • In general, full time teaching staff are deemed to be available for teaching purposes Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00. Exceptions to this are as follows:

                    -  ADAA: Free from teaching Tuesday 09:00-14:00
                    -  ADR: Free from teaching Tuesday 09:00-14:00
                    -  Members of Academic Council: Free from teaching Wednesday 09:00-18:00
                    -  Members of Governing Authority: Free from teaching all day Friday

  • All full-time teaching staff will be kept free from teaching one day per week to engage in Research activity where the timetable permits.
  • Requests for scheduling in department managed laboratory spaces will be accepted from the department who manage the space.
  • In general requests for specific buildings, classrooms/lecture theatres or AV equipment cannot be facilitated.
  • Lecturers and students with impaired mobility will be accommodated in suitable buildings where possible.
  • For Health and Safety reasons the approved maximum capacities of teaching spaces cannot be exceeded – see room specification details here.

The Academic Scheduling Constraints System (ASCS) is an online system which is used to gather semester specific class timetable requirements from academic departments. An email will be issued to the campus community when the data collection process has begun.  Access to the system is available to all Heads of Department and their nominated Scheduling Coordinators.  

Class Timetable data for your module/s should be provided to your Head of Department or Scheduling Co-ordinator for input to ASCS.

  • Timetable data is gathered in February/March for the following Autumn semester
  • Timetable data is gathered in July/August for the following Spring semester

The Timetable is issued as early as possible in advance of the start of each semester. An email will be issued to the campus community notifying you when the timetable is available.

Course, Module, Lecturer, Room and Student timetables are published on the web at
Room Details, Module Details and a Timetable Explanation sheet can also be viewed on this web page.

Any issues with the published timetable should be referred to your Head of Department or Scheduling Co-ordinator.

Training is available to all Heads of Department and their nominated Scheduling coordinators.  Others who wish to inform themselves further on UL scheduling policy and process may also avail of this training (ie. Course Directors, Department Administrators).  See the Staff Training page for further details. 

Data collection takes place during Week 2 of each semester. Data is collected online via MERCS (Module Exam Requirements Collection System). 
Please note: If accurate information is not provided to Academic Registry by end of Week 2, we cannot guarantee provision of an exam slot for your module.

Provisional Timetable is published on Monday of Week 8.
The Final Timetable is published on Monday of Week 10. 
Once published timetables are available at

If students have a genuine issue with the provisional timetable, they are advised to contact their class representative, who in turn will contact the relevant lecturer. Academic Registry should be notified of any such issues via email by 15:00 on Thursday of Week 8 by the lecturer responsible for the module. Where a lecturer is requesting a change to the published timetable a valid reason for this must be provided.


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