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Quality Management System

The Academic Registry Division was formed in 2016 and has the following four units:

  • Customer Services
  • Operations
  • Business Support and Planning
  • Quality, Resource Planning and Policy Compliance

The Division is scheduled to be reviewed by a Peer Review panel as a new Division in November 2022.

Our Quality Management System is built on the principles of the QMS framework:

  • Maintaining customer focus
  • Demonstrating good leadership
  • Engagement of People Involving all staff (teamwork and inclusion)
  • Emphasising continual quality improvement
  • Using a defined process approach to services provided
  • Using a systematic approach to management within the department
  • Evidence Based Decision Using facts and analysing data in all decision-making
  • Relationship Management Developing mutually beneficial supplier, partner and community relationships

Academic Registry Division is in the process of merging the offices of Undergraduate Admissions and Student Academic Administration. Below, you can find the Key Business Processes for each office while we endeavour to produce a key business process for the new division as a whole. 

Undergraduate Admissions Key Business Process

Student Academic Administration Key Business Process