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The Academic Registry Division was formed in 2016 (formerly Student Academic Administration and Undergraduate Admissions) and is made up of the following four units: Customer Services, Operations, Business Support & Planning, and Quality, Resource Planning & Policy Compliance.

Quality Management

Our Quality Management System is built on the principles of the QMS framework:

  • Maintaining customer focus
  • Demonstrating good leadership
  • Engagement of People Involving all staff (teamwork and inclusion)
  • Emphasising continual quality improvement
  • Using a defined process approach to services provided
  • Using a systematic approach to management within the department
  • Evidence Based Decision Using facts and analysing data in all decision-making
  • Relationship Management Developing mutually beneficial supplier, partner and community relationships

Our Academic Quality Team was established in January 2020 and is made up of the following Academic Registry staff members: Rabiya Ali, Zoe Cashman, Nuala Cullimore, Andrew Flynn, Karen Kemmy, Dearbhla McNamara, Ursula Mullane and Saundra O'Sullivan.

Quality Review: The Division is scheduled to be reviewed by a Peer Review panel as a new Division in November 2022.

Key Business Processes:

Our Key Business Processes are currently being drafted and will be available here once finalised.