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Admissions Offers & Appeals

Round 0

Round 0 offers are made in late July for the BM BS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Graduate Entry) and to those being considered based on their performance in QQI for undergraduate courses with a QQI entry pathway.

Round A

Round A offers are made in early July to those who deferred entry in the previous year and to those who are receiving offers as mature applicants. 

Round 1

Round 1 offers are made in late August and are the main body of offers for those who completed the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination. 

In Round 1 the University makes sufficient number of offers to fill its programmes. In the event that the number of acceptances is lower than expected, additional offers may be made in Round 2.

There are no places reserved for Round 2.

Round 2

Additional offers are made in Round 2 to students who sit the Special Maths Examination for entry into courses in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Students who achieve the required standard in the maths exam and satisfy all other specific course requirements, minimum entry requirements and have the points required, are eligible to be considered for an offer in Round 2. 

There are a number of reasons why you may not have received an offer. Please see below to determine why you did not receive an offer:

  1. Did you get an offer of a higher preference from another HEI?
    If you did, you are not entitled to get an offer of a lower preference.
  2. Did you meet the minimum entry requirements for admission to the University?
  3. Did you satisfy the specific subject requirements for the course?
    Details of these are available in the entry requirements section for each programme.
  4. Did you have the points required for entry to the programme?
    You can check your calculation of points using the CAO Points Calculator.
  5. Did random selection occur?
    In some instances it is not possible to make offers to all candidates who achieve the same points score having satisfied all other requirements. To identify those for an offer, a random number is assigned to each applicant and the candidates with the highest random number are made an offer.
  6. Were there additional assessment requirements for the course that you did not meet?
    Entry requirements and specifications for each course can be found in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

If you have applied to a course at the University of Limerick and are dissatisfied with the decision relating to your admission, you may avail of the admissions appeal process. 

The official University guidelines for appealing an admissions decision are listed below. Queries relating to admissions decision appeals can be directed to the Academic Registry Admissions Team

Admissions Appeal Process

Where an applicant to any programme of study offered by UL is dissatisfied with a decision of the University relating to their admission to that programme, he/she may avail of the following appeals process:

  1. The applicant shall write a letter of appeal, clearly outlining the grounds for appeal, to the relevant Admissions Office within seven working days of notification of the decision.
  2. The appeal shall be forwarded to an Admissions Appeals Committee comprising three faculty nominees of the Vice President Academic & Registrar who were not involved in the decision to which the appeal relates. A meeting of the Admission Appeals Committee should take place within one calendar month of the date of receipt of the written appeal and a reasoned decision will be issued.
  3. In the event that the applicant is dissatisfied with the decision of the Admissions Appeals Committee, he or she may appeal the decision in writing to the President within seven working days of notification of the decision. Any such written appeal shall clearly state the grounds for appeal of the original decision and the decision of the Admission Appeals Committee. 
  4. Upon receipt of an appeal, the President will appoint an external independent person to consider the matter. Where practicable, the external independent person should complete consideration of the appeal within one calendar month of the date of receipt of the written appeal to the President and a reasoned decision will be issued. The decision of the external independent person is final.

Congratulations on getting an offer from the University of Limerick! 

If you wish to take up the offer of a place, you must accept your offer online via the CAO website. Once you have accepted your offer, you will receive an email with further information about what to do before you arrive on campus and details about University Orientation.