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Online University Orientation

Please see instructions for Steps 1-5, and Steps 5-7 if you have not already completed them.

University Orientation will help you to become familiar with the university, the campus, and the faciilities and services available to you in UL. As this year is a little different, we've taken orientation online and it's happening before you begin lectures to allow you to focus on making the most of your time on campus in Week 1, attending classes and meeting new friends and classmates.

Below you'll find important information to help you as you begin life in UL and throughout your time with us, so make yourself a cup of tea and take a look through the information and videos below! 

Welcome Address

The first part of orientation is watching our Welcome Address videos with a range of speakers who will welcome you to UL, provide important health & safety information as well as information on supports and services available to you during your time in UL. 



Key Supports for your time in UL

What is Academic Registry? 
The Academic Registry supports students throughout your UL academic journey, from the time you are offered a place in UL right through to graduation and beyond.

What can Academic Registry help me with?
If you need to contact us for any matter relating to your course such as grades, transcripts, timetables etc, or about Academic Regulations and Procedures, you can get help from a member of our team through the Student Hub OnlineYou’ll also find useful information and links, our opening hours and more. 

Where is Student Hub located?
Due to the public health guidelines, it's not possible for us to safely open the student information desk at Academic Registry reception (in E0-001, UL Main Building) this semester but we will be providing a full remote service through Student Hub Online

Student Portal  -  Complete module registration (required every semester)
 -  Update your student details
 -  Generate a letter confirming you are a registered student in UL
 -  View your student transcript (grades)
 -  Find your Student Advisor
Student Hub Online  -  Find answers to FAQs
 -  Get help from an Academic Registry team member
 -  Request to change your electives/course
 -  Request a form to be stamped
Academic Registry website 
(You're already here!)
 -  View information specifically for New Undergraduate Students
 -  View your course timetable
 -  View key dates in the academic year
 -  Access student forms
 -  Learn how to request official documents
 -  Learn about exams, results & progression, student supports, grant records.

Student Hub Online is run by the Academic Registry. When you log into the Student Hub Online you will see the above three options:

  1. MyRequests: This is where you can see a record of your requests to both Student Hub Online and IT Services.
  2. Student Hub Online (Academic Registry Services): For issues relating to your course such as grades, transcripts, timetables etc, or about Academic Regulations and Procedures. Find answers to FAQs or log a support call with a member of the Academic Registry team.
  3. IT Services: For issues relating to student computing, email access, passwords & security, printing, software, campus WiFi and more. Find answers to FAQs or log a support call.

Visit the UL Timetable website for your timetable and for other useful information:

  • Course Timetable: This is the timetable for your course and will detail your lectures.
    Your *personalised timetable (which shows your tutorials and laboratory’s) will be available by 25th Sept 2020 if you log in (top right) of the timetable website. 
    Your timetable will also show which classes are delivered online and which will be in person.
  • Module Timetable: This shows the timetable for specific modules. 
  • Timetable Explanation: Your timetable may seem a little confusing at first so this is a helpful guide to understand your timetable and the UL room numbering system. 
  • Week Dates: You will notice that your timetable specifies various weeks for each class. You can view the week numbers with corresponding calendar dates here. 

You will also find timetable FAQ's, and toward the end of the semester, you will find exam timetables on the Timetable website. 

*Note for students who have accepted a Round 2 or later CAO offer:
As timetabling has already been completed, you will need to create your own personalised timetable. You can do this by viewing the Course Timetable (to see your lecture times) and your Module Timetable (to see tutorial and lab times) and then contacting the module leader (names are on the module timetables) to be allocated to a tutorial/lab session. 



As you know, this semester requires a unique approach to find the safe balance between welcoming as many students as possible to our campus, while also protecting your health and the health our staff and the wider community. 
The above schedule is subject to change in accordance with health and safety guidelines. 

Please note there has been a change to the above in line with government guidelines.
View the revised course delivery to see if your course will be fully online, or continue to have limited face-to-face classes. 
You can also find your detailed timetable here which will tell you exactly which classes will be online or face-to-face on campus.

UL's Information Techonology Division (ITD) provides computing support to UL students through the dedicated Student Computing website which outlines:

  -  How to access your student email
  -  Password and security information
  -  Software access (UL students are can download a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 onto five different devices)
​  -  Where to find PC labs (campus computers available to use)
​  -  Campus WiFi
​  -  Printing services (how to find and connect to a printer, printing costs and how to purchase print credit)
  -  Recommended hardware
  -  Student Quick Start Guide
​  -  How to access and use Sulis
​  -  How to log an IT support call

You can find the UL Student Handbook on our Policies, Procedures, Handbooks & Forms webpage.


Virtual Campus Tour

Enjoy a virtual tour of UL, find key buildings and landmarks to help you familiarise yourself with our beautiful campus and make sure you know where to go on your first day! 

Interactive Orientation / Course Induction

Students who accept a Round 4 CAO offer: You will be added to an orientation group. You will be contacted by one of our Virtual Orientation Guides by Friday 16th October, via your student email address, advising you which group you have been assigned to.  

When you access your personalised timetable (available on Friday 25 Sept), you will see that a time has been allocated for a module called UL1001. This will facilitate you and up to 30 of your classmates to virtually meet your orientation guide once a week for the first four weeks of the semester.

These will be evening sessions and  a great opportunity to get to know your classmates and to receive helpful tips from a fellow student who has successfully navigated first year.

Autumn Semester | Week 1 Orientation Session: 
   -  Meet and interact with your classmates and virtual orientation guide
   -  Establishing WhatsApp/communication groups
   -  Get help understanding your course timetable
   -  Q&A time and breakout rooms with your classmates

Autumn Semester | Week 2 Orientation Session:
   -  View Sulis orientation content and learn about the supports and services in UL
   -  Learn how to get help from Academic Registry and ITD (E.g. Logging support calls, on-campus printing, accessing software etc)
   -  Q&A time and breakout rooms with your classmates

Autumn Semester | Week 3 Orientation Session:
   -  Learn about the differences in an online environment, differences between second-level and third-level education, how to be successful and expectation-setting.
   -  Meet your classmates for small group discussion.

Autumn Semester | Week 4 Orientation Session:
   -  Learn about supports and services for new students, time management, and planning for assessment.
   -  Meet your classmates for small group discussion.

These sessions will be run through the UL virtual learning environment which is called Sulis.

When you log into Sulis you'll see information specifically for your course (on your Programme Site).

Your Sulis Programme Site will be very useful as you navigate your first few weeks in UL, particularly in the '1st Year Orientation' section.

It will also provide an online space for you to meet and interact with your classmates.

Many Course Directors will use your Sulis Programme Site to digitally direct you to supports and resources you will need for your course.

On-Campus Supports & Services

Take a look through the campus facilities and services available to you, including:

Clubs and societies
Library services
Restaurants and clubs
Retail services
Room booking
Sports facilities
Student Affairs Division
First Year Support Coordinator
Student Health Centre
Counselling Service
Disability Support Services
Access Office
Mature Student Office
Community Liaison Office
Arts Office

UL Student Life is the representative body for all undergraduate UL students. You automatically become a member of UL Student Life upon enrolment, and the team will do their best to represent and help you with any problems you have have during your time in UL. 

Some of the services available to you include:

 - Guidance and support for issues with finance, accommodation, jobs, personal safety and mental well being. 
 - Online Grinds Register
 - Second hand bookstore
 - Lab coats & glasses
 - Student Leap Cards and Bus Eireann bus tickets
 - Tickets for all Student Life events
 - Games Room
 - Full range of UL Wolves merchandise
 - Clubs and Societies
 - An Focal, the fortnightly campus newspaper
 - ULFM Student Radio Station

Location: UL Student Centre 
Learn more: UL Student Life website

President’s Volunteer Award (PVA) welcomes you to UL. Volunteering is the most popular self-directed student activity at UL and a great way to give back to UL and your community. The President of UL is very proud of our student volunteer army and recognises, rewards and awards your contribution through ULs unique PVA.

Find out more at www.student or email the team at

Student Well Being

UL is committed to keeping our students and staff healthy and safe while also maintaining a quality learning experience. We have a dedicated UL Covid-19 website which contains advice and information about how we have adapted our campus and learning environment for the coming Autumn semester, including the schedule of dates when you will be on-campus.

First Seven Weeks is designed to help first year students successfully adjust to life at UL. The programme is designed to focus on issues that we know are important for settling in and thriving as a higher education student. This year the programme will be extended to run throughout the entirety of the first semester and will be delivered online. Themes that will be covered throughout the semester include:

   -  Welcome, settling in & finding your way around
   -  How to study at UL
   -  Your Academic Advisor
   -  Healthy UL
   -  Learner Support Centres
   -  Volunteering
   -  Skills for academic success

Visit the First Seven Weeks Virtual Student Information Hub where you can chat to existing students and have your questions answered. The chatrooms are open from 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday throughout the semester, and can be accessed through the following links:
   -  F7W Virtual Hub Room 1
   -  F7W Virtual Hub Room 2

You can also follow First Seven Weeks on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Snapchat (@First7Weeks). 

In keeping with our Healthy UL campus ethos, you will be scheduled to take part in a Sexual Consent workshop. This workshop is an important requirement for all new UL students and is designed to inform and protect you.

This will appear in your timetable with the code UL1001 (which is also used for your virtual orientation sessions).

Read more about Healthy UL: Sexual Health & Wellbeing.

The Student Affairs Division provides a range of support services to students including: 

  • First Year Support Coordinator
  • Student Health Centre
  • Student Counselling Service
  • Chaplaincy Service
  • Access Office
  • Disability Support Services
  • Mature Student Office
  • Arts Office
  • Presidents Volunteer Award (PVA)

Visit the Campus Services webpage for a brief description of these services and more available to you. 

Finding your way around

UL Student Life have created these videos to help you find the buildings your lectures, labs and tutorials are in. You can check your timetable to see which buildings you will need to find. You'll also find an explanation of the UL Room Numbering System on the Timetable Explanation section of the timetable website.



Financial Information

To read more about your fees and understand how they are used, take a look at the Fees Breakdown 2020-2021.

For further information about fees you can contact the Fees Office.

You can use the instructions provided by SUSI to complete your grant application. As SUSI connects directly with UL on a weekly basis, to confirm that grant applicants are registered UL students, you do not need to submit proof of your registration to SUSI yourself.

Note for siblings:
If siblings applying for a SUSI grant require a letter to show they are both UL students, you can each generate a Confirmation of Registration letter through the Student Portal and submit them to SUSI together. This letter can be generated once you have completed Module Registration.

Learn more about Financial Assistance options.

Scholarship information for each course is available on the UL course webpages.

There are also a number of sports scholarships available to support top athletes in pursuing and excelling in their sport while also undertaking academic study at UL.

Learning Supports

This short guide about Learning Online sets out guidelines and considerations to help you know what to expect and how to successfully engage with the blended learning approach for the semester ahead.

Physical access to the Library and print collections will be limited this semester so we strongly encourage all students to use electronic books, journals and online help from off campus, all accessible from the UL Library website

For help downloading library ebooks, accessing articles and for advice, contact where library staff will answer your question or have a chat with you, in person or online.

Visit the UL Library website for opening hours and more details about the services offered.

There are five UL Learning Centres to support and help you succeed on your course:

  • Mathematics Learning Centre
  • Peer Supported Learning Centre
  • Regional Writing Centre
  • Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Learning Centre
  • Science Learning Centre