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Financial Assistance

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the single awarding authority for all new grant applications. You can check your eligibility on the SUSI website.

Eligible students wishing to apply for this financial assistance should apply directly to SUSI.  The online student grant application system can be accessed at Any queries relating to applications or grants can be directed to the SUSI Support Desk.

You must be registered as a student at UL in order for SUSI to make payments: 

  • Payment of any maintenance grant awarded to you can commence after UL has confirmed to SUSI that you are registered and in full time attendance on your course. 
  • Payment of any fee grant awarded to you is made directly to UL by SUSI on your behalf on the basis of your confirmed registration and attendance.

As SUSI connects directly with UL on a weekly basis, to confirm that grant applicants are registered UL students, you do not need to submit proof of your registration to SUSI yourself.

Please ensure you complete module registration on time at the start of each semester. We will advise you of the deadline via your student email address each semester.
Payment dates and useful FAQs can be found on the SUSI website.

Note for siblings:
If siblings applying for a SUSI grant require a letter to show they are both UL students, you can each generate a Confirmation of Registration letter through the Student Portal and submit them to SUSI together. This letter can be generated once you have completed Module Registration.


Payment dates and useful FAQs can be found by visiting the SUSI payments page. 

Before you can receive maintenance grant payments, SUSI requires your bank account details. These details can be provided securely through your online SUSI account once you have been awarded a grant by SUSI.

Please ensure that personal details submitted to SUSI correspond with details submitted to UL e.g.: if you use your name in Irish, ensure this version is used with both organisations.

UL Financial Support

Undergraduate Scholarships

The University of Limerick offers a number of generous scholarships to students on a need or merit basis. While each scholarship has different eligibility requirements, some require applicants to submit additional applications for the scholarship, others are awarded automatically. 

For more information, see the relevant UL course webpage.

International Scholarships

The University of Limerick offers a number of partial merit-based scholarships. You do not need to apply for these scholarships, as your application will automatically be reviewed for eligibility upon submission. If you are eligible for a scholarship, you will be notified of this at the same time you receive your offer. 

For more information, see the list of International Scholarships.

The Student Assistance Fund (SAF) provides support to both full-time and part-time undergraduate or postgraduate students in need. The Fund supports students who are experiencing difficulty in meeting the day-to-day expenses associated with attending college, or who encounter unforeseen circumstances ressulting in short or longer-term financial difficulties, (e.g. family difficulties, bereavement, accidents or health problems).

Find out more about SAF.