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QCA (Quality Credit Average)

The quality and standard of your academic performance is expressed as an average numerical value based on the grades you receive in the credited modules you’ve been assessed on. This numerical value is known as your Quality Credit Average (QCA) and is calculated on a semester and a cumulative basis for each course or for each part of a course.

Your semester and cumulative QCAs are calculated for you by the university using a software package and are clearly displayed on your transcript. Your transcript can be viewed on the Student Portal throughout the semester except when the grading process is underway at the end of each semester.

Degree courses (level 8) are generally divided into parts 1 and 2. Once you move onto Part 2 of your course, a new QCA calculation begins from the commencement of Part 2. (Refer to your course outline to see if your course has a Part 1/Part 2 structure.) In the case of all other courses, your QCA is based on your full cumulative performance over the complete course.

QCS (Quality Credit Score)

For the purpose of calculating QCA scores, most modules are given a weighting, which is referred to as a credit on your transcript. While most modules are allocated a credit of 6, a project module, for example, may have a credit of 6. Your quality point value (QPV) score for a particular module is multiplied by the module credit value (e.g. 6) to give what’s known as your quality credit score (QCS) for that module. Your QCA for each semester is calculated on the basis of the sum of all your QCSs within that semester. Your overall QCA at any given time (your cumulative QCA) is based on your total QCSs to date (excluding Part 1 scores where applicable). 

Grades and QPV (Quality Point Value)

Grades A1 to NG are each given a numerical value known as a quality point value (QPV) on a scale from 4 to 0. These values are then used to calculate your QCA. Grades G, I, M, P, EX, R, W and N have a QPV of zero and do not affect QCA. Grades F and NG have a QPV of zero but do affect QCA. The following table shows the QPVs associated with each academic grade.

Grade QPV
A1 4.00
A2 3.60
B1 3.20
B2 3.00
B3 2.80
C1 2.60
C2 2.40
C3 2.00
D1 1.60
D2 1.20
F 0.00
NG 0.00


Term Definition
QCA Quality Credit Average: Weighted average describing the quality of a student's performance across all modules in a semester (Semester QCA) or all modules taken to date (Cumulative QCA).
QCS Quality Credit Score: Quality Point Value * credits * factor
AH Attempted Hours: Sum of all module credits attempted x factor
QPV Quality Point Value: Numeric value attached to each grade on a scale 0 to 4 (see table below)
Factor Weighting attached to a semester of study
Credit Hours Module credits successfully completed x semester factor
NQH  Non-Quality Hours: Sum of all module weights with grade I, P, N, H, EX * semester factor
Credits Nominal weight assigned to each module: ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer)
Residual QCA A calculation of your potential QCA following annual repeats. See Student Handbook for full details.


Note: * Denotes Multiplication

Although your QCA is automatically calculated for you by the University, you may wish to understand how QCA is calculated in order to consider how grades in your current or future modules might affect it. 

Formula for Semester QCA

Semester QCA = ΣQCS / Σ(AH-NQH)

Formula for Cumulative QCA

ΣSemesterQCS / Σ(SemesterAH-SemesterNQH)

See sample transcript & QCA calculation in the Student Handbook.