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Final Awards

Students who are due to successfully complete their studies in time for the conferring of awards, will receive an email from Academic Registry containing their Final Award Entry form. Students will need to verify that the details of this form are correct. This ensures that your Parchment and final Transcript have the correct details.

Bachelor's Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates

To qualify for the award of a bachelor’s degree or diploma or certificate, a candidate must: 

  1. Satisfy all assessment and other requirements set for the course of study
  2. Achieve a minimum final cumulative QCA of 2.00, with full credits in all prescribed modules of the course of study
  3. Satisfy course-specific regulations as specified for particular courses

Award Classification

The award of a bachelor’s degree, diploma (either undergraduate or postgraduate) or certificate (either undergraduate or postgraduate) is made at honours level. 

Award Classification Cumulative QCA
First class honours 3.40
Second class honours grade 1 (2.1) 3.00
Second class honours grade 2 (2.2) 2.60
Third class honours 2.00

The Academic Council Examination Board may consider awarding a candidate if the student:
- has a final cumulative QCA no more than 0.10 less than the QCA required for the proposed award
- satisfies the other requirements for the proposed award. 

For details of the criteria applied to your course, please contact your Course Director.

Examination Boards

Subject to entering for consideration, your cumulative results at the end of your final year are presented to a university examination board. The examination board recommends what award, if any, you should receive. This recommendation will be shown on your transcript. The Academic Council reviews the recommendations of all university examination boards and makes the final decision on all awards.