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Module Registration

All students, new and returning, must register for your modules each academic semester.

Please note: Autumn 2020 registration deadlines are earlier than in previous years. Students will be advised of their registration deadline via email. 

Module Registration is the process of choosing your electives, selecting your stream, and confirming your modules for the current semester. Most students can simply register online – the whole process takes less than a minute!

  • Registration is NOT the same as accepting an offer from the university/CAO or paying fees.
  • You must de-register from any modules you have decided not to take as extra to your course. Failure to do so can have a damaging effect on your QCA!


Every student, new or returning, that has enrolled on a course of study at UL must register for each academic semester. This applies to students in all courses of study including Erasmus, professional placement, Co-op and Teaching Practice.

The registration process is essential to your academic success at UL. Until you have completed registration, you will not be able to:

  • Seek payment of your academic fees from the Higher Education Authority (HEA) or other sponsoring body. The University of Limerick is prevented from claiming the state grant for un-registered students.
  • Participate in your course , including off-campus elements.
  • Gain access to online services including lecture notes and learning management system resources.
  • Take part in end-of-semester assessments.
  • Access timetables for lectures, labs, tutorials or exams.
  • Be included on class lists, grading sheets and reports for faculty.

Failure to register by your deadline has a number of serious consequences:

  • A €200 late registration charge
  • Restricted access to your Computer Account, SULIS, Gluckman Library and Student Results
  • Exclusion from examinations, module class lists, grading sheets and reports for faculty
  • Inability to claim academic fees for the semester from the HEA or other awarding bodies.

Students registering late must submit a Late Registration Form to the Academic Registry Office through Student Hub Online

The majority of students have access to online registration through the Student Portal.

However, if you fall under one of these categories you will need to complete and submit a  registration form:

- Study Abroad
- Erasmus
- Exchange
The International Education Division coordinates registration and processing for these students.
Extra Modules The Additional Module Registration Form must be completed and submitted to the Academic Registry through Student Hub Online.
Link-In Occasional The Link-In Occasional Form  must be completed and submitted to the fees office, where the appropriate fee must be paid. 
Link-In Repeat The Link-In Repeat Registration Form must be completed and submitted to the fees office, where the appropriate fee must be paid.


If you would like to change your elective choice(s), you must complete the Change of Registration Form. This form must be signed by the relevant module leaders (of the module you would like to move into) and submitted to the Academic Registry for processing.

Week Number Fee Submit via
Week 1 No charge Student Hub Online
Week 2 No charge Student Hub Online
Week 3 €10 Student Hub Online

You are allowed to register for modules that are not required for your course, provided you get authorisation from both the extra module’s course leader and your course leader.

You will need to register separately for any extra modules, meaning you must complete the Additional Module Registration Form in addition to registering for your course-specific modules. The form must be completed, signed by both course leaders, and submitted to the Academic Registry through Student Hub Online.

There are three grading methods you may choose from when registering your extra module:

  • Normal Registration (N): A normal academic grade is awarded, which will contribute to your GCA.
  • Pass/Fail Registration (P): You are awarded a P grade for a pass or an N grade for a fail and your QCA is not affected.
  • Audit Registration (G): You are awarded a G grade to indicate satisfactory attendance only and your QCA is not affected. You must have permission from the relevant lecturer to register on this basis.

There is no cost for taking an additional module provided you register for it in Week 1 or 2. After Week 2 there is a €10 charge for all changes to registration.

Pre-registration is a way for students who have elective or stream (e.g. choosing a major) options next semester to make their choices known to the University.

  • Pre-registration normally occurs in WEEK 5 of each academic semester. If you fail to pre-register in time, your choice of module or route may not be available to you and your timetable may be incomplete.
  • Students who are eligible will receive an email reminder the week before pre-registration opens.

Remember: Students who pre-register must still complete module registration as normal for the next semester.

Detailed instructions on how to register for a repeat module can be found here.

Repeating Pass/Fail Modules

Currently on the online student portal, students cannot register for a module you have failed (i.e. N grade) that you have done on a Pass/Fail registration type.
Contact the Academic Registry through Student Hub Online with your student ID number and module details, advising that you want to be registered for the Annual Repeats.