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Exam Guidelines

The University of Limerick has a zero-tolerance policy towards cheating and plagiarism. The normal penalty for breach of Assessment Regulations is suspension for 12 months. A repeat of such conduct shall warrant expulsion.

  • In order to gain entry to an exam, students must be registered on the official registration list held by the invigilator at the examination centre.
  • Students must produce a current, valid UL student ID card, with name and ID number corresponding to the list held by the invigilator.
  • Students will not be allowed to enter the examination centre after the first 20 minutes of the scheduled assessment time has elapsed.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the examination centre before the first 30 minutes of the assessment time have elapsed.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the examination centre during the final 10 minutes of the assessment time. Students must remain in their seats until all examination booklets and/or bubble sheets have been collected.
  • Authorised material comprises writing instruments, non-programmable calculators, drawing instruments and material provided by the invigilator, such as mathematical tables and handouts. Additional materials are permitted only with the express permission of the relevant academic staff member.
  • Unauthorised material includes calculator covers, pencil cases, mobile phones, smart watches, electronic devices not explicitly approved by the relevant academic staff member, outdoor clothing and bags.
  • If a student is in doubt as to whether material is authorised or unauthorised, he/she should ask an invigilator before the examination begins.
  • Authorised material, such as paper, examination booklets, graph paper, electronic file storage devices, etc., will be provided by invigilators. Students shall not remove any of these items from the examination centre.
  • Students shall display their student ID card on their desk or assigned work area.
  • Students shall write their ID number clearly on all materials submitted to the invigilator.
  • Only authorised stationery and material along with the student’s ID card will be allowed on the desk.
  • Each student is responsible for ensuring that his or her examination booklet and associated materials are in the possession of an invigilator before leaving the examination area.
  • Students shall not engage in unauthorised collaboration or attempted collaboration, copying or attempted copying.

A student who is considered to have breached or attempted to breach the assessment regulations shall be informed at the earliest opportunity by an invigilator, in the presence of a witness (e.g. Another invigilator, an academic staff member or a student), that a report of the incident will be forwarded to the Office of the Vice President Academic Affairs & Student Engagement. The invigilator completes a Breach of Assessment Regulations form and marks the student’s examination book. The student is then allowed to finish the examination. Subsequent procedures are outlined in the Code of Conduct section of the Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures.

The full list of Assessment Regulations can be found in the Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures.