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Healthy UL

It is the ambition of UL to be a leading university in the promotion of Health and Wellbeing, supporting our 16,000 students and staff.

If you are here because you are looking for information about COVID 19, check out the first 3 tabs.

If you are looking for more tips on how to promote your health and wellbeing, check out our 6 Wellbeing Suggestions. These are updated periodically, so come back and visit to get recommendations throughout the semester.

More detailed information on the work of Healthy UL is available under the Framework download button and from the themed buttons below.


UL COVID-19 info

If you are looking for information related to the University, and how the institution is adapting and responding to the pandemic please visit the dedicated UL COVID pages. 

Get Away Zone

Student Life has established a site specifically where students can unwind and get away from all the messages about the coronavirus.

Wellness Seminars

Human Resources has initiated a series of wellness seminars for staff. These provide opportunities to link in real time with colleagues and receive expert advice and suggestions for how to keep well.




6 Wellbeing suggestions 


Healthy Environments


Shinrin - yoku "forest bathing"

In Japan, this is a popular and recognized relaxation activity.  The central practice is immersing yourself mindfully, using all five senses, in forested environments.

More information can be found here and here.

Sexual Health and Wellbeing

If you have been watching the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel, Normal People, over the summer, you will have seen that the concept of Consent featured strongly throughout the series.

In 2019, the Government published a Consent Framework for Higher Education Institutions.

The concept of Consent will be explored in a safe way in online workshops during Semester I. Keep an eye out for notices and messages regarding the Consent Workshops from the Students’ Union and your Course Directors.

Addictive Behaviours

It is hard to give up smoking. There are supports out there. The HSE provides individualized Quit Plans to help you.

If you are a smoker, one of the best things you could ever do for your health is give up smoking.  Most smokers would like to stop and some think that vaping is the way to go. Before switching to vaping have a look at the information in this short article which highlights 5 Things You Should Know About Vaping.

Mental Health

Just as we are settling in to the ‘new normal’, college resumes. It is normal to feel anxious about how COVID will affect university practices and socializing with others. Remember, it is also possible to mind your mental health during this time by using practical strategies to manage stress.

You can find some tips on self-care, body, mind, putting things in context, identifying supports, etc here and additional tips on accepting other students will have different concerns about the virus and how to formulate a strategy so you can manage your own concerns here.

Healthy Eating

Just what you need to start cooking for yourself. Here is the most accessible recipe book you will ever find.

The recipes are easy to prepare, low-budget and highly nutritious.

Physical Activity

Physical activity and nature makes you feel positive and full of vitality. Check out #NatureMoves.

Healthy Environment

Health and the environment are inextricably linked and approaches to improve both are deeply complementary

Addictive Behaviour

Ensuring UL develops and implements supports and protocols that reduce the stigma of addiction

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Learn more about the supports and resources available to UL staff and students mental health and wellbeing

Sexual Health and Wellbeing

Good sexual health means making sure you have the knowledge, skills and ability to make informed sexual choices and act responsibly to protect your health and the health of others.

Healthy Eating

The promotion of the health and wellbeing of the university community (staff, students and visitors) supported by the development of sustainable research programmes in nutrition and health.

Physical Activity

What are the recommended levels of physical activity to maintain and improve health?