Dr. Alistair Malcolm, FRHistS

Dr. Alistair Malcolm, FRHistS
Academic Staff
Room: C1088

Research Interests:  Spain in the golden age; diplomatic and court politics; cultural history; literary and artistic patronage; colonial Latin America during the early modern period.

Dr Alistair Malcolm, FRHistS, studied History at the Universities of St Andrews and Oxford. He has worked at the University of Limerick since 2001, and has published extensively in English and Spanish on the subject of early modern Spanish culture, diplomacy and political society.

His current projects are for a general study of the effects of court favouritism on policy-making in Spain, as well as a book on Spanish policy covering the middle decades of the seventeenth century that takes the views and actions of the count of Peñaranda—one of the most important ministers of Philip IV and Carlos II—as its central focus.

He is also working in collaboration with other scholars on smaller projects relating to the diplomatic community in Madrid during the seventeenth century. His approach to the writing of History is one intended to appeal to specialists and general readers alike.

Current teaching

HI4207 The First Global Empire: The Spanish Monarchy, Europe and America, 1479-1598 (final-year elective).

HI4227 Golden Age: Politics, Culture and Warfare in the Spanish Monarchy, 1598-1746 (final-year elective).

HI6121 Art and Power in the Age of the Tudors and Stuarts, 1558-1714 (MA elective).

Select publications


El Valimiento y el gobierno de la Monarquía Hispánica, 1640–1665 (Madrid: Marcial Pons; CEEH, 2019). ISBN: 9788416662869   https://www.marcialpons.es/libros/el-valimiento-y-el-gobierno-de-la-monarquia-hispanica-1640-1665/9788416662869/

Royal Favouritism and the Governing Elite of the Spanish Monarchy, 1640–1665(Oxford: OUP, 2017). ISBN: 9780198791904.  http://www.oup.com/localecatalogue/cls_academic/?i= 9780198791904

Chapters and articles:

‘Pretending to be Catholic? Sir Henry Bennet, the Alliance with Spain, and Stuart Dalliance with Rome, 1656–62’, in Coleman Dennehy and Robin Eagles (eds.), Sir Henry Bennet, earl of Arlington, and his world: Restoration court, politics and diplomacy (London and New York: Routledge, 2020), pp. 31–51. ISBN: 9780367513108

‘Sir Richard Fanshawe: The Restoration Tragedy of a Cavalier Aesthete’, co-authored chapter with Dr Piers Baker-Bates of The Open University to be published in José Luis Colomer and Jorge Fernández-Santos (eds.), Ambassadors in Golden Age Madrid: The Court of Philip IV ‘The Planet King’ through Foreign Eyes (Madrid: CEEH, 2020), pp. 272–303. ISBN: 978-84-15245-94-0

‘Spanish Narratives of the Westphalian Peace Process: Congress Diplomacy as Eternalisation of War’, in Dorothée Goetze and Lena Oetzel (eds.), Warum Friedenschliessen so shwer ist: Frühneuzeitliche Friedensfindung am Beispiel des Westfälischen Friedenskongresses (Münster: Aschendorff Verlag, 2019). ISBN: 978-3-402-14768-9

‘Intercesor de escritores: cartas dedicatorias a don Luis de Haro, y sus relaciones con los autores, 1625-1662’, in Rafael Valladares (ed.), El mundo de un valido. Don Luis de Haro y su entorno, 1643-1661 (Madrid: Marcial Pons, 2016), pp. 263-302. ISBN: 978-84-15963-94-3.

Entry for Don Luis Ponce de León (1605-1668), courtier, soldier and governor-general of Milan, in the Diccionario Biográfico Español (Madrid: Real Academia de la Historia, 2013), vol. XLI, 935–9. ISBN: 978-84-15069-03-4.

‘La embajada del Conde de Peñaranda a Praga y a Fráncfort del Meno en 1657–1658’, in José Martínez Millán and Rubén González Cuerva (eds), La dinastía de los Austria: Las relaciones entre la Monarquía Católica y el Imperio, 3 vols. (Madrid: Ediciones Polifemo, 2011), iii, pp. 1437-1462. ISBN: 9788496813519

‘En los márgenes de la parentela de Olivares: Don Luis de Haro y el mecenazgo literario de un jóven cortesano, 1621–1648’, in O. Noble Wood, J. Roe and J Lawrance (eds) Poder y Saber: Bibliotecas y bibliofilia durante la época del conde-duque de Olivares.(Madrid: Centro de Estudios Europa Hispánica, 2011), pp. 71-95. ISBN: 9788415245186 www.ceeh.es.

‘Serving the King at Home and Abroad: The Tangier Garrison under Charles II, 1662–1684’, in Anthony McElligott, Liam Chambers, Ciara Breathnach and Catherine Lawless (eds), Power in History: From the Medieval to the Post-Modern World (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2011), pp. 109-124. ISBN: 9780716531081 www.iap.ie

‘Public Morality and the Closure of the Theatres in the Mid-Seventeenth Century: Philip IV, the Council of Castile and the Arrival of Mariana of Austria’, in Richard J. Pym (ed.), Rhetoric and Reality in Early Modern Spain (London: Tamesis, 2006), pp. 92–112. ISBN: 1855661276.

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‘Arte, diplomacia y política de la corte durante las embajadas del Conde de Sandwich a Madrid y Lisboa (1666–1668)’, in José Luis Colomer (ed.), Arte y Diplomacia de la Monarquía Hispánica en el siglo XVII (Madrid: Fernando Villaverde Ediciones, 2003), pp. 160–175. ISBN: 84-933403-0-8.

Joint authorship of fourteen entries for paintings and engravings included in the catalogue for the exhibition La Almoneda del Siglo. Relaciones artísticas entre España y Gran Bretaña, 1604-1655, held at the Prado Museum, Madrid, 15 March–2 June 2002. Published in English as The Sale of the Century: Artistic Relations between Spain and Great Britain, 1604-1655, ed. by Jonathan Brown and John Elliott (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2002), pp. 146–154, 161–166, 172–178, 196–198, 206–209 and 222–229. ISBN: 0-300-09761-1.

‘La práctica informal del poder. Política de la corte y el derecho de acceso a la familia real durante la segunda mitad del reinado de Felipe IV’, Reales Sitios: Revista del Patrimonio Nacional, xxxviii / 147 (2001), pp. 38–48. ISSN: 0486-0993