Dr Ciara Breathnach, FRHistS

Dr Ciara Breathnach, FRHistS
Academic Staff
Senior Lecturer
Room: C1073

Dr Ciara Breathnach, FRHistS, lecturer in history at the University of Limerick has published widely on Irish socio-economic, cultural and health histories. She is course director of the MA (History of Family) and teaches the following modules

Semester I

HI6041 - Introduction to the History of Family

HI4187 - Health, State and Irish Medical Care, 1837-1948

HI6061- Linking Families to Communities

HI6003 – Concepts, Sources and Methods

Semester II

HI6062 People of the move: studying migration

HI6002 History Research Seminar

Breathnach has a strong record of grant capture and was Main-Principal Investigator of Irish Record Linkage 1864-1913 an Irish Research Council-funded project (2013-2016), which focused on infant and maternal mortality in Dublin 1864-1913.

She is author of The Congested Districts Board of Ireland, 1891-1923, poverty and development in the West of Ireland (Dublin, 2005) and editor/co-editor of seven conference proceedings, three of which are guest editorships of special editions of high-impact Journals.

Apart from sections in edited volumes, she has published articles in the following journals: Urban History, Medical Humanities, Gender & History, Medical History, Social History, Cultural and Social History, Irish Historical Studies, Immigrants and Minorities, History of Family: an International Quarterly, the Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Historical Research: the Bulletin of the Institute for Historical Research and New Hibernia Review.  She has articles accepted and forthcoming in Social History of Medicine, Nursing History Review and Women’s History Review in 2017. For a full list of publications see http://www.ul.ie/artsoc/faculty-research/dr-ciara-breathnach

Awards held:

2017: Visiting Fellow, Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University

2014: Foundation for Women in Medicine Fellow, Center for the History of Medicine, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

2013: University of Limerick, ISKS Faculty Fellow 2013 (Semester I).

2013: Flaherty Visiting Fellow, University of Massachusetts, Boston

2012-2013: Visiting Fellow, Institute of Historical Research, London.

2012: Visiting Faculty, New York University.


Royal Historical Society.

American Conference of Irish Studies.

American Association for the History of Medicine.

Association of Medical Humanities (UK).

Organisation of American Historians.

Big Berkshire.

Social History Society (UK).

Society for the Study of Nineteenth Century Ireland.

Editorial Roles


Co-editor of SSNCI Series, Liverpool University Press.


Associate Editor, Medical Humanities, British Medical Journal 

Committee and Board membership


Member of the Board of the National Library of Ireland (NLI).


Member of the Heritage Council of Ireland.


Research Associate, Centre for Contemporary History, TCD.

2010- Present   

Co- founder of the Consortium for Medical Humanities of Ireland.


President, Society for the Study of Nineteenth Century Ireland (SSNCI).


Founding Company Director & Secretary of Board, Irish Ancestry Research Centre.


Member of the NLI Advisory Committee to the Chief Herald.


Secretary of SSNCI.


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Peer-reviewed Articles

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Book Sections

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Book Reviews

  1. Ciara Breathnach, Review of The cruelty man: child welfare, the NSPCC and the state in Ireland, 1899-1956, by Sarah Anne Buckley, Irish Historical Studies, 39:154 (2014): 354-5.
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