Dr Catherine Porter

Dr Catherine Porter
Academic Staff
Room: BM023

Research Interests: Human Geography; Digital and Spatial Humanities; Geographic Information Systems; History of Cartography; Early Modern Britain and Ireland.

Dr Catherine Porter was awarded a PhD in Geography from Queen’s University Belfast. Prior to working at the University of Limerick, she held research and lecturing roles at Lancaster University, the University of Hull, and Queen’s University Belfast. In addition to her lecturing role at the University of Limerick she is an e-Tutor in GIS at Ulster University. She also holds the honorary title of visiting scholar at Queen’s University Belfast and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Catherine is a historical geographer with research interests in geospatial technologies and mixed method approaches for the analysis and interpretation of early source material. She specialises in the narratives of early cartography, with a focus on maps of Ireland from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.

She has worked on projects funded by the European Research Council, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Leverhulme Trust and the J B Harley Trust for which she was recently awarded the J B Harley Research Fellowship in the History of Cartography.

Selected Publications:

Porter, C., Milligan, R. and Lilley, K.D. (2020) ‘Hidden geographies and digital humanities: analysing and visualising the literary corpus of Humphrey Llwyd’, Literary Geographies, 6(1), 96-118.

Porter, C., Lilley, K.D., Lloyd, C.D, McDermott, S. and Milligan, R. (2019) ‘Cartographic Connections – the digital analysis and curation of sixteenth century maps of Great Britain and Ireland’, e-Perimetron, 14(2), 97-109.

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Porter, C. (Guest Editor) (2018) ‘The Importance of place and openness in spatial humanities research’, International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing, 12 (2), 91-101.

Porter, C., Atkinson, P. and Gregory, I.N. (2018) ‘Space and Time in 100 Million Words: Health and Disease in a Nineteenth century Newspaper’, International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing, 12 (2), 196-216.

Atkinson, P., Gregory, I.N., Francis, B. and Porter, C. (2017) ‘Patterns of infant mortality in rural England and Wales, 1850-1910’, The Economic History Review, 70(4), 1268-1290.

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