Joint History/FAHSS Distinguished Lecture with Professor Charalambos Tsardanides

19 April 2018

Professor Tsardanides from the Department of Mediterranean Studies University of the Aegean (Rhodes) presented a paper entitled 'An evaluation of the French-German Axis for European integration (1963-2017)'. This was a joint history/FAHSS event organised by the Department of History in cooperation with the Department of Politics and Public Administration and in conjunction with the Erasmus Mobility Programme.Dr. Tsardanides, is a distinguished academic in the field of European Studies. He studied for his B.A., and M.SC., in Political Science at the Department of Political Science, University of Athens, before gaining his PhD in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Since March 1993, he is the Director at the Institute of International Economic Relations based in Athens. From 1995-2010 he was editor of the quarterly Journal Agora without Frontiers.Among his major publications are: The Politics of the EEC – Cyprus Association Agreement: 1972–1982 (1988), The Renovated Mediterranean Policy of the European Economic Community and Greece, ( 1992), Foreign Policy Decision Making (2006). He is an editor/ co-editor of nine volumes. Among them with Russell King and Gabriella Lazarides, Eldorado or Fortress? Migration in Southern Europe (1999), with A. Kontis, International Political Economy. Theory, Structure and Challenges of the World Economy ( 2013). He has published widely in Greek, English and French in the Journal of Common Market Studies, Journal of European Integration, European Foreign Affairs Review, Journal of Political and Military Sociology, Journal of Area Studies, Geopolitics, Ethnopolitics, Southern European Yearbook, Le Courrier des Pays de l’ Est, Perceptions, Hellenic Studies, Revue Hellenique de Droit Internationale, South European and Balck Sea Studies, Le Courrier des Pays de l’ Est, Outre Terre.