FAHSS Faculty Lecture - Professor Marco Clementi

26 October 2017

PROFESSOR MARCO CLEMENTI, Università della Calabria'Aldo Moro and the National Solidarity .  A political  project' This  talk is about the policy of the chairman of the Christian Democratic Party, Aldo Moro in the 1960s and 1970s, when Italy experienced a severe economic crisis. Moro tried to resolve the situation by involving the Communist Party in the parliamentary majority. His attempt, called “National Solidarity”, was brutally interrupted by the Red Brigades, which kidnapped Moro in March 1978 and killed him 55 days later. Thursday 26 October:  17h15Venue:  Glucksman Library BoardroomProfessor Clementi  is Professor of Contemporary & Eastern European History, in the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Calabria, where he has held a research post since 2006. He studied in Italy and in 1988 travelled  to Leningrad (today St Petersburg) in the Soviet Union,  to complete his university studies. He has held academic affiliations in the Czech Republic (Charles University 1996-1999), Austria (Academy of Sciences 2000-2001), Hungary (Academy of Sciences 2004), Slovakia (Academy of Sciences 1998 and 2006), Switzerland (2007), Greece (2009 ) and United States, USHMM (2017). Since 2001 he has been working with the Russian NGO, the Memorial of St. Petersburg. In December 2013, together with the State Archives of the Dodecanese, he brought to light the background of the Carabinieri archive of Rhodes (1932-1945). He collaborates with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and with the historic museum of the Rhodes Synagogue. Among his most recent  publications are: Storia delle Brigate Rosse. Vol. 1. Dalle fabbriche alla campagna di primavera with Paolo Persichetti and Elisa Santalena (Rome, 2017);  Gli ultimi ebrei di Rodi. Leggi razziali e deportazioni nel Dodecaneso italiano (1938-1948) with Eirini Toliou (Rome, 2015; Camicie nere sull'Acropoli. L'occupazione italiana in Grecia 1941-1943 (Rome, 2013); L'alleato Stalin. L'ombra sovietica sull'Italia di Togliatti e De Gasperi (Milan, 2011); Cecoslovacchia, Storia d'Europa Vol. 8 (Milan, 2007); Storia del dissenso sovietico (1953-1991) (Rome,  2007).