13 Nov 2019

Congratulations to Dr Martin O'Donoghue on the publication of his book 'The legacy of the Irish Parliamentary Party in Independent Ireland, 1922-1947' by Liverpool University Press.

07 Nov 2019

Dr Kirwan will present his research at the Memory and Identity in the Learned World Community Formation in the Early Modern World of Science and Learning conference at the University of Utrecht, 7-9 November 2019.

29 Oct 2019

From RTE's Brainstorm:  "Darkest Ireland" and the burning of Bridget Cleary by Ciara Breathnach, University of Limerick and Andrew Sneddon, Ulster University. Read the full story here.

23 Sep 2019

Dr Ciara Breathnach is a member of the organising committee of a conference entitled Transformations of the State in Ireland, C. 1600-1900, which will be held at Hertford College, Oxford 25-26 September 2019. She will present a paper from her current project funded by an Irish Research Council Laureate Award 2017/18 entitled ‘Regulating life, disease and death: Dublin 1864-1902’.

23 Sep 2019

Coleman Dennehy will be giving a paper entitled 'Policing early modern Ireland: Crime, criminal policy, and normative behaviours – the evidence from seventeenth-century Ireland'. This will be presented at a conference, Transformations of the State in Ireland, c.1600-1900, at Hertford College, Oxford. 25 & 26 September 2019