History Postgraduates 2017

        Research Students




Robert Collins

‘NORAID and Irish America: The impact of Irish-American Republicanism on the conflict in the North of Ireland, 1971-5’

R O’Donnell

Stephen Griffin

ʻA Leitrim Jacobite in the Holy Roman Empire: The life and times of Owen O’Rourkeʼ

R Kirwan

John Harrington

The Ancient Order of Hibernians

R O’Donnell

Paul Hayes

Reclaiming the republic: The IRA 1938-48

D Fleming

Derek Kavanagh

The development and implementation of IRA military strategy in Ireland 1969-98

R O’Donnell

Rita McCarthy♦

ʻA comparative study of Irish womenʼs emigration to Britain and the US, 1945 to 1970ʼ

B Whelan

Seán McKillen

‘The SDLP and the Sunningdale Agreement’

R O’Donnell

Gerald Maher

‘Irish republicans and the radicalisation of Irish-American nationalism, 1916-23’

R O’Donnell

PS Miller

Exiled children: The influence of the Irish-American diaspora in the 19th and 20th centuries of Ireland

R O’Donnell


Declan Mills

‘English exceptionalism in the eighteenth century’

D Fleming

Holly O’Farrell

How does the framing and representation of female migrant artists from Middle Eastern or Islamic cultures in contemporary exhibitions, both reflect and contribute to ‘Western’ conceptions of the ‘Islamic world?

Roberto Mazza

William O’Neill

‘A reassessment of the interpretations, reality and consequences of U.S. covert operations in Central America from 1979- 1992’

B Whelan

Peter Stapleton*

'The transition from the civil rights movement to an armed Republican offensive in Northern Ireland, 1962- 72'.

R O’Donnell

Sean Whitney

‘The tobacco industry in Ireland, 1700-1930’

D Fleming


[* indicates MA through research]

[♦ indicates leave of absence]

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