History Postgraduates 2021

          Research Students




Shareef Ali

‘What was the British policy towards the Kurdish National Movement in Iraq 1961-1970?’

R Mazza/

A. Malcolm

Milena Callegari Consentino

‘Holocaust: repercussions and legacy for future generations’

A McElligott/

P Ryan (Psychology)

Stuart Clancy

‘Tuberculosis, digital humanities and disease mapping, Ireland 1864-1922’

C Breathnach

Helene Haak


‘Poverty, childhood, parenthood and the family in the Irish Free State, 1922-49’


C Breathnach

John Harrington

‘The Ancient Order of Hibernians’

R O’Donnell

Derek Kavanagh

‘The development and implementation of IRA military strategy in Ireland 1969-98’

R O’Donnell

Rafflesia Khan

‘Death and burial data, 1864-1922’

T Margaria (Lero)

C Breathnach

Maelle le Roux

‘Representations of nationalist figures in the Capuchin Annual, 1930-1977’

C Breathnach

Claire McCormick

‘The Invisible Past - Palatine/Huguenot immigration to Ireland 1709-1710’

C Breathnach/

A Malcolm

Seán McKillen◊

‘The SDLP and the Sunningdale Agreement’

R O’Donnell

Gerald Maher

‘Irish republicans and the radicalisation of Irish-American nationalism, 1916-23’

R O’Donnell

Declan Mills

‘English exceptionalism in the eighteenth century’

D Fleming

Holly O’Farrell

‘Middle Eastern gender in the exhibition space’

R Mazza


Peter O’Keeffe

‘The transition from civil rights movement to an armed offensive in Northern Ireland’

R O’Donnell

Ian Walsh

‘Dublin City Coroner’s Court, 1891 to 1900 as spectacle’

C Breathnach

Barbara Watts

‘Searching for Celtic cousins: Welsh, Irish and Scottish immigrant worker experience in Alberta, Canada, 1870-1920’

C Breathnach

 [◊ indicates leave of absence]

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