Graduate Seminar Series

The Graduate Research Seminar Series 2016

Those pursuing PhDs and masters by research should attend.

’The revolutionary aims of Ireland’s forgotten diplomats: Nancy Wyse Power and Máire O’Brien, 1919-23’
Ms. Ann Marie O'Brien, Irish Research Scholar, PhD student, Department of History, UL

 on Wednesday 10 February 2016 in A1050 at 13h00


'Shining a light into dark alleys: Vigilance and patrol work in Dublin, 1914-18'

Mr Martin Walsh, PhD Student, Department of History, UL

on Wednesday 9 March 2016 in A1050 at 13h00


'Michael Colivet; The forgotten Limerick Commandant in the 1916 Rising'

William O'Neill, LMA Scholar, Department of History, UL

on Wednesday 6 April 2016 in A1050 at 13h00





Wednesday, 14 November (Week 10) papers to given by:

Deirdre Kelly: Mythology and spirituality in the art of George Russell (AE) within the context of the Celtic Revival and his social networks 


Julia Balla: From collaboration to occupation: Did the management of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest during the WWII succeed in protecting the National treasures?